NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #21

November 20, 2002


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


West plugs tonight’s show. Amazing Red vs. Jerry Lynn for
the X Division title and Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings for the NWA-TNA World
Heavyweight Championship

Tenay sits down with Killings in a pre-taped segment. He
mentions how Jarrett denied an interview, due to focusing. He brings up Mr.
Wrestling III and Killings states that he is no longer thinking about him. He
talks about how he overcame his struggles in life and how it helped him become
a champion. He also brings up how he and Jarrett are passionate and tonight, we
will figure out who will be paying the higher price. Really good interview from



Divine Storm
w/Trinity vs. EZ Money & Sonny Siaki


Divine Storm is the team of Chris Divine and Quiet Storm.
Tenay mentions how they have been together for over two years. They get
attacked as the match starts and the action spills outside. Money takes out his
own partner as well as Divine with a flying clothesline. Trinity then climbs up
top and takes everyone out with a moonsault. In the ring, Storm takes down
money with a rana and tags Divine. Siaki tags and gets rolled up for one.
Divine trips up Siaki but misses a slingshot splash. Missile dropkick by Divine
gets two. Siaki catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly getting two. Tag to
EZ, who stops a double team attack then places Divine Storm in the corner and
hits them with a running basement dropkick. Tag to Siaki and they hit Storm
with a double hiptoss then hold on and hit a swinging reverse flapjack. Quiet
Storm ducks outside and Siaki hits him with a pumphandle toss. Trinity runs off
the apron and hits Siaki with a rana but gets taken down by a clothesline from
EZ. In the ring, EZ hits a lifting Roll of the Dice then heads up top. Storm
shakes the ropes then takes off EZ with a stunner. Both men tag out and Divine
whiffs on a dropkick and barely connects on the second. He then hits Siaki with
a Death Valley Driver that EZ breaks up at two. EZ tries to interfere but Quiet
Storm stops that. Siaki then floats over on another DVD attempt and hits the
Siakalypse for the win (5:48) ¾*. 


Thoughts: Match wasn’t much at all. Divine Storm didn’t impress
in their debut but the focus of the team was on Trinity and her interfering in
the matches. She hit a few highspots that looked okay. Interesting to see EZ
team up with Siaki as he appeared to be portrayed as a face in his debut last
week. Speaking of Siaki, it appears that they have lost focus of him as he
wrestled a squash last week and was thrown in a tag-team for the opening match
this week.



Father James Mitchell comes out with Belladonna. He says the
entire wrestling world is taking notice of tonight’s Heavyweight Title match.
He then says that having just the tag-titles isn’t enough and that he has a
thrist for more. That thrist can only be quenched with blood and gold and says
his disciple will take control of the World Title.



Malice w/James
Mitchell & Belladonna vs. Kory Williams


Malice attacks Williams after the bell. He is wearing a vest
that reads “I Hate You.” He tosses him outside then into the guardrail a few
times. Williams is a nine year pro according to Tenay. Malice exposes the steel
buckles on his wristbands and punces Williams. He rolls Williams back in and he
lands a few shots before getting caught with a powerslam. Malice goes up top
and slips right after he jumps, dropping to the mat. That was quite
embarrassing. Williams is in shock and Malice takes him down then picks him
back up and hits the chokeslam for the win (1:58). After the match, Malice jaws
with the fans.


Thoughts: The slip-up by Malice was embarrassing and he
seemed legitimately pissed off after that occurred. This was his last match in
TNA and I remember a rumor that he lost it backstage and started destroying
stuff after this match.



Spanish Announce Team
vs. Harris Brothers


Jose takes out Ron with a plancha as they head towards the
ring. In the ring, Joel hits him with a missile dropkick. They brawl outside of
the ring and the Harris brothers take control. In the ring, Don gets a sideslam
on Joel as Tenay runs off all of the names the Harris Brothers have gone by in
the past. Don drops a few elbows and tosses Joel outside. He goes over the
guardrail again then tossed back into the ring. Ron beats on Joel and catches
him with a spinebuster. Jose comes in and hits Ron with a low blow then the
SAT’s hit Don with a terrible looking double dropkick. They get a double
bulldog then head up top and hit a moonsault/legdrop combo that gets one. Ron clotheslines
Joel to the floor. He hits a few corner clotheslines on Jose then tosses him to
the floor onto his brother. Ron motions to Don, who then charges and flies over
the ropes with a plancha. It wasn’t graceful but nice effort anyway. They show
a replay then back to the action as Joel misses a charge in the corner. Ron
then powerbombs Jose on his partner, barely making any contact. They pick up
Jose and hit the H Bomb for the win (6:06) ¼*.


Thoughts: These teams could not work with each other but the
SAT’s tried. This would put the Harris Brothers in line for a title shot.



Goldylocks is backstage with April. She asks her what she
was thinking showering with Bruce. She denies that took place, blaming a
production trick. She cries and Bruce comes out to console April. He tells
Goldy that he is gay as Lenny comes out, calling Bruce a phony. He says that
Bruce is as straight as an arrow and cannot be Miss TNA. He says he wants the
crown and the two go at it until Brian Lawler comes out and attacks Bruce. What
an awful angle.



BG James vs. Lenny Lane


Before the match, BG says that he is going to be politically
correct and that this wont be a “gay bashing,” but rather he was “just going to
beat the hell out of a faggot.” That gets a face reaction with this crowd.
Lenny stalls for a bit then they start reversing go-behinds. Clubbing forearms
by BG but Lane floats over and humps BG. He gets a side headlock then a
shoulderblock. Lane walks into a punch then jumps off the rope and poses. BG
knocks him down and stomps him in the corner. Dancing punches by BG but Lane
ducks a clothesline then gets an eye poke. He hits a moonsault block and makes
the cover by using the 69 position. He does that cover again and Bruce runsout
and attacks. He hits a slam then a piledriver. Lawler comes out and attacks
Bruce as the ref and James watch the fighting. April is crying for this to stop
outside of the ring. BG then covers Lane for the pin (2:56) DUD. After the
match, Goldylocks walks out and consoles April and they two end up holding
hands and walking to the back as Lawler is in the ring crying before running up
the ramp.


Thoughts: The match was terrible and there is too much going
on as Lenny is mad at Bruce, Lawler is mad at Bruce, April is sick of Lawler,
and Goldylocks appears to be a lesbian.



Jorge Estrada
w/Priscilla vs. Crimson Dragon vs. AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree


The Crimson Dragon is Chris Hamrick. His outfit is low
budget to say the least. They start by missing elbow drops then trading
armdrags. Styles gets backdropped as Tenay goes on as to who is the Crimson
Dragon. They all trade off stuff until Crimson Dragon superkicks AJ as he was
holding Estrada in the inverted DDT position. Dragon then puts Estrada in a
death lock but picks up Styles and puts him between Estrada then puts him in a
dragon sleeper as he has Estrada in the Death Lock. It’s incredibly contrived
but creative nonetheless. He nearly whiffs on a clothesline and beats AJ in the
corner. Estrada powerbombs Dragon then picks him up as AJ hits a missile
dropkick. Estrada covers and gets two as AJ breaks that up. Estrada tries
another pin on Dragon but AJ breaks that up with a senton. AJ dropkicks Estrada
but Dragon hits him with a stunner and Estrada breaks that up. The crowd is
silent for this as Estrada powerbombs AJ for two. Dragon piledrives Estrada for
two. AJ covers Estrada and gets two. AJ beats on Dragon in the corner then
kicks down Estrada. AJ kills Dragon with a brainbuster but Estrada makes the
save at two. He beats on AJ but gets clotheslined. AJ dodges a charge from
Dragon but Estrada gets a backdrop off a Styles Clash attempt. AJ and Estrada
go at it after stomping Dragon. Estrada gets the boots up on a charging AJ. He
stops a tornado DDT then Dragon kicks Estrada off the top rope. Superkick to AJ
and Dragon brawls with Estrada on the floor. Estrada sends him into the
guardrail then AJ flings Estrada into the guardrail. Dragon tries a quebrada
but AJ yanks his legs and Dragon lands hard on the apron. That had to have
hurt. Estrada bulldogs Styles then rolls him in the ring for two. Estrada and AJ
clothesline each other as Dragon climbs up top and hits a double leg drop,
getting two on each man. Estrada gets Dragon with a reverse rollup then catches
a charging Styles with a Northern Lights Suplex, getting two. Estrada heads up
top but Dragon shakes the ropes. He hits the rana but AJ breaks up the pin.
Dragon crotches AJ  but AJ blocks the
rana and hits a super Styles Clash, landing on Estrada, and gets the win after
rolling up the Dragon (11:00) *1/2.


Thoughts: Match had no flow to it at all. Crimson Dragon’s
debut was mediocre and AJ wrestled down to his competition, looking like he couldn’t
care less at times. This also sets up yet another AJ/Lynn match for the X
Division Title.



Goldylocks is with America’s Most Wanted. She wants to
know their plan. Harris says that they will beat the hell out of James
Mitchell. They want the belts and respect. Storm says that the only way to kill
a snake is to cut off it’s head. He says that Mitchell is a snake and closes by
saying “sorry about your damn luck.”


Video of the New Church/AMW feud.



NWA-TNA Tag Team
Championship Match

Most Wanted vs. New
Church (Champions)
w/James Mitchell & Belladonna


All four men start by brawling outside of the ring. Brian
Lee is now going by the “Bulldozer” Brian Lee. Harris and Slash brawl on the
announcers table. Storm rolls Lee into the ring then suplexes Slash onto the
floor. In the ring, Harris hits Lee with a suplex. He ducks a clothesline but
Slash hits him in the back with a chair. Lee covers and gets two. Press slam by
Lee and he decks Storm. The New
Church double teams
Harris for a bit. He tries to take Slash over on a sunset flip but Slash blocks
that. He hits a Eye of the Hurricane for two. He and Harris trade chops into the
corner for a bit. Harris runs into a boot and Slash takes him down with a
clothesline and tags Lee. Both men then collide going for flying shoulder
tackles. Slash tags in first and drops an elbow, getting two. Lee chokes out
Harris behind the ref’s back then tags. Big boot gets two as Storm breaks that
up. He punches Harris a few times and tags Slash, who bites the forehead of
Harris. A “we want blood” chant starts up as Slash puts Harris up top. He
follows but Harris pushes him off and hits a flying clothesline. Both men are
down and hot tag to Storm. He destroys both men until he is hit with a double
headbutt. Storm sends Lee to the floor with a backdrop and smashes Slash
against the turnbuckle. He hits the Swinging Noose but Lee makes the save. They
try for the Death Sentence but Slash breaks that up. They do the stacked suplex
spot with Slash on Storm’s shoulders. Lee places Harris on his shoulders but
Storm shoves Slash off of the top rope and Harris gets two off of a victory
roll. Harris escapes from a tombstone piledriver attempt and Mitchell jumps on
the apron to distract the ref. Storm hits Lee with a chair and Harris gets a
spear but Lee kicks out at two. Harris clotheslines Lee to the floor but he
comes back in with the spike. Storm sees that and hits him with a superkick. He
grabs the spike and uses it on Lee as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (10:44)
**3/4. Belladonna jumps on Storm’s back and gets tossed off. Storm hits Lee
with the spike and Belladonna again jumps on his back but Storm hits the eight
second ride. AMW uses the spike on the New Church.
The referee trries to get the spike but Harris hits him with a catatonic,
drawing a huge reaction from the crowd. They go after Mitchell and security
comes in and gets destroyed by AMW. Mitchell escapes as the New Church
walks to the back.


Thoughts: Match was decent but the post match stuff was
awesome and by the end, the crowd, which was fairly quiet all night, was really
into AMW. This feud continues to shape up nicely.



Amazing Red video highlight package.


Pretaped interview with Mike Tenay. They talk about his
moves and Red sats that he wants to do stuff that fans haven’t seen before.
Says he was trained by Mikey Whipwreck and influenced by Hulk Hogan, Rey
Mysterio, and other “lightweights.” HE says the X Division gives him a chance
to show what he can do. He says he is nervous about facing Lynn. Red was
clearly nervous here and the interview did him no favors.



Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. She says she is looking
“totally forward” to this match. Lynn
compliments Red and says that he is earning the respect of his peers.



NWA-TNA X Division

Amazing Red vs. Jerry
Lynn (Champion)


Red starts by grabbing a reverse rollup then they do a
reversal sequence, ending in a stand off. Lynn gets a shoulderblock that leads
to another reversal sequence, ending with Red getting an armdrag. They nearly
blow a monkeyflip and Red covers for two. He lands on his feet after a German
Suplex then takes Lynn down with a rana. Lynn then catches him in a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, getting two. These guys aren’t on the same page.
Surfboard from Lynn as West and Tenay discuss strategy. Lynn drops an elbow but
Red recovers quickly with a tilt-a-whirl headscisssors then takes a charging
Lynn out of the ring with an enziguiri in a bad looking spot. Lynn dodges an
attack from Red, who held himself up. He leaps off the apron but Lynn catches
him and rams him into the apron. He tosses Red back in and beats on him for a
bit. Bow and Arrow lock from Lynn as he tries to ground Red. Red gets two off a
rollup but is immediately taken down with a clothesline. Red gets caught trying
to float over in the corner but is able to turn it into a DDT. He gets a bicycle
kick in the corner and Lynn rolls outside. Red runs and hits a beautiful
looking somersault senton, waking up the crowd in the process. Back inside, Red
gets backdropped but blew the landing on the apron spot. He rolls inside and
hits Lynn with the 718 (Mysterio’s 619) and gets caught attempting a springboard
rana but is able to turn that into the Code Red, getting two. West is doing a
hell of a job putting oer Red. Lynn is perched on top but Red hits him with a
spinkick. Lynn is able to roll through a super hurricarana, getting two. Lynn
signals for the cradle piledriver but Red blocks that. Red tries again to turn
it into the Code Red but Lynn spins him over and nearly breaks his neck with a
powerbomb. That only gets two and a “holy s---” chant from the crowd. Lynn
places Red on the top rope but gets shoved off. Red jumps and gets a DDT for
two. He goes up top again but Lynn stops him. Red tries to fight him off and
gets two off a rana. Red climbs up top again but gets cut off by Lynn, who then
hits the cradle piledriver off the second rope for the win (10:02) **3/4. After
the match, Lynn checks on Red and raises his hand in a show of respect.


Thoughts: These two couldn’t get on the same page. The match
got better at the end with the nearfalls but Lynn looked like he struggled to
keep up with Red’s fast-paced style. The crowd also seemed confused as for who
to cheer for, since both men are faces.



West hypes next week’s show which includes:


New Church vs. Curt Hennig & Syxx Pac for the Tag-Titles

Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title

Brian Lawler vs. Bruce


West and Tenay then quickly shift to the title match,
specifically Mr. Wrestling III. They then show a video package of Ron Killings
and a separate one on Jeff Jarrett and his path to the NWA-TNA World
Heavyweight Title.



Tale of the Tape between Killings and Jarrett



Heavyweight Championship Match

Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron “The
Truth” Killings


Borash does the introduction similar to that of a boxing
match. Referee Scott Armstrong even explains the rules to both competitors. The
crowd seems split 50/50.  After a lockup,
Killings gets a shoulerblock then does a dance, to the delight of the crowd.
They lockup again and Truth gets a dropkick, prompting a “Truth” chant from the
crowd. They locup again and after a reversal, Truth hits a flying forearm.
Jarrett ducks outside to regroup as Tenay names off a dozen past NWA champions.
Truth taunts Jarrett with shoves but turns around and gets decked by Jarrett.
Dropkick by Jarrett and he attacks the Truth some more before strutting. Truth
breaks up a go-behind with a low blow and repeatedly hits Jarrett. Downward
Spiral from Killings, who then catches Jarrett on a float-over attempt and hits
the Pelvic thrust Powerslam for two. Jarrett fights back but Truth eventually
hits the scissor kick, getting two. Truth catches Jarrett’s foot and ducks his enziguiri attempt then locks on the Figure-Four. Jarrett
tries to overturn as the ref counts down his shoulders. They both struggle as
Jarrett reverses the move. Truth grabs the rope and Jarrett breaks. Jarrett
eats boot off of a charge but ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex and
both men are down. They get up and Jarrett fires away. He catches Killings with
a powerbomb, getting two. Mounted punches by Jarrett in the corner and the
crowd chants along. The ref gets hit accidentally and Jarrett checks on him.
Truth grabs a steel chair but Jarrett takes it away and hits Killings. That
only gets two as the crowd wanted a three. He sets up for the Stroke but
Killings escapes and floats over a suplex attempt before hitting a gordbuster.
Jarrett gets his foot on the ropes and Killings heads up top. Jarrett hits the
ropes and the Truth falls. He then hits the Stroke but Killings kicks out.
Jarrett is beside himself as Killings rolls outside. Jarrett follows him out
but gets whipped into the post. Jarrett is busted open as the Truth hammers
away before tossing him into the crowd. They brawl throughout the crowd and Jarrett
gets a few chairshots. Killings then sets him up on a table and heads to the balcony.
He leaps off with a splash and crashes onto Jarrett. Both men are down as
Jarrett’s face is covered in blood. Truth crotches Jarrett with the rope as he
re-enters the ring. Killings busts open Jarrett some more then the two trade
punches. Jarrett ducks a flying forearm but it hits the ref, knocking him out
of the ring. Both men then collide and everyone is down. Mr. Wrestling III
comes from the crowd with a guitar. He goes over to each man but decides to hit
Killings and Jarrett falls on top of him as the ref then counts to three as Jarrett
is the new champion (17:36) ***3/4. Mr. Wrestling II looks on from ringside
then re-enters the ring. He is seen clapping then unmasks, revealing himself as
Vince Russo, causing Tenay to say “Oh s---, it’s Vince Russo.” Jarrett looks on in shock as the show goes off the air.


Thoughts: Very good match. The crowd was pulling for Jarrett
at the end. Even though his story of waiting months and dreaming of the title
since being a kid is something that wokrs for a face, it worked for the top
heel in the company. The crowd was pro-Jarrett at the end. Also, I loved the
presentation of this match as it came across as an important event. The ring
introduction was well-done. Their best attempt to elevate the title to date. The
ending with Russo is intriguing, even if you are not a fan of his.



Final Thoughts: The last few matches really made the show.
They actually made viewers intrigued to see next week’s show but there are
still some negatives. First, the X Division is starting to get stale with a
lack of new talent and the same matches over and over again. The
Lawler/Bruce/Lenny/April stuff is horrible and the overall depth of the
heavyweight division is lacking. It’s filled with washed-up WWE midcarders. Overall,
a decent show and the second hour was much better than the first.