ECW What If ….

OK, imagine you have a device that can compress time and space, moving years and events up and down the timeline.

Now, you move things about so that CM Punk, Danial Bryan, Christopher Danials, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe all come up in 1998 and spend most of 1999 tearing up the indie wrestling scene stateside.

Now imagine that the end of January 2000, the five men got together and as a unit, approached Paul Heyman around the same time that RVD got injured, one of the main components for accelerating ECW's death spiral.

Would the signing of these five guys to ECW and the implications in which, IE that with these guys on his roster, that Justin Credible would NEVER get anywhere near the world title, let alone the idea of all five guys would produce a MASSIVE shot in the arm for ECW in terms of introducing new blood to the company, have saved ECW from shutting down in the end the following year?

No, Paul Heyman actually paying his talent and honoring his contract agreements might have saved them, but since neither was going to happen it doesn't matter how much new blood was pumped into the promotion.  Plus they had no TV and millions in debts.  They were dead in 1999 and just hung on by sheer stubborn willpower of Tommy Dreamer and a few others.