Is Tito full of It?

What was going on in WWF during 1992?

Seems like Hogan would take down Flair at WM8… but then Hogan leaves and Macho gets the belt without build-up…. then Flair regains only to leave and drop to Bret without TV or PPV build-up.

I'm also pretty sure Tito Santana said he was almost picked to get the belt…

..seriously, what was going on in 1992? Was everything reactionary? In hindsight, feels like WCW booking logic.

Steroids are a hell of a drug.  Things were all over the place during that time because of the steroid troubles throwing off all the long-term plans.  Although in the case of Flair dropping the belt to Bret, that was very last minute, back in the day when there wasn't a PPV every month to wait for.  Flair had an inner ear problem and for whatever reason Vince felt like they had to change the belt RIGHT THEN and Bret was the guy he picked. Although Tito certainly wasn't on the list, it was Bret, Savage, Warrior and someone else I can't remember on the short list.