Starrcade 96 Question

Help me with my foggy memory, but why the hell was Hogan Piper non title? I didnt pick up on WCW till early 97 right around their Superbrawl rematch, but could you imagine Wrestlemania having (jsut as an example) Champion CM Punk vs John Cena NON TITLE???? I guess they were so far ahead of WWF at the time that they could f--- over the fans and still not lose much ratings wise that would affect them?

My issue wasn't really the non-title aspect, because they wanted to put Piper over but not change the title and that makes sense.  My issue was that they didn't ADVERTISE it as non-title, and in fact didn't even mention it until after the match was over.  I would have been fine with that as the main event of something like World War III to build up to a title match at Starrcade, but the timing here was really weird.  
And yeah, WCW f----- over the fans constantly but had so much momentum that it never seemed to catch up to them.  The Robin Hood episode of Nitro, for instance?  Endless nWo run-in finishes?  Ending the hummer angle without ever revealing who the hired gun doing Kevin Nash's dirty work was?  Hashtag WCWRuinsEverything.