Blog question on Ryback

Hey Scott,

  Long time bla bla bla.   I ordered Survivor Series and feel like I wasted my money. I agree with everything you voiced in the rant but would like to hear your opinion on one more thing: The crowd reaction to Ryback. First he came out to no reaction even though they introduced him last of the 3 wrestlers hoping for a monster pop but then there were sporadic “feed me more” chants during the match.   Are crowds just not completely buying into him yet so he gets 50-50 reactions or is it just that WWE draws such a mix of people to shows now that you will never get an entire crowd behind one wrestler (unless they are in his home town.) In terms of Ryback it just feels like he is over while not REALLY being over and it's sort of confusing.

It seems to be dependent on the city.  He seems to get better reactions in markets they don't hit as often, whereas the more cynical places like New York and Philly kind of see through it and crap on him. Honestly, at this point they should just push through it and keep him at that level, because they'll make him a main event guy just by association and then once you've had your Tippy Top Ticket punched, you don't need to break the glass ceiling again to get back up there.  The Punk injury is actually kind of a positive for Ryback, because now he's not being put in a position to lose a third title shot in a row and can instead destroy one of the Shield guys and win something.