Jovan Belcher murder/suicide

Hey Scott,

Long time reader yada yada, keep up the great work, because I don't really watch wrestling anymore, I just follow it on your blog.
Wondering if you heard the story out of Kansas City, that Jovan Belcher, one of the Chiefs players, killed his girlfriend, then drove to the stadium and shot himself dead, IN FRONT OF his coach and General Manager, at the stadium (!) And they played their game the next day.
A tragic situation of course, but I obviously couldn't help thinking of the parallels to the Benoit story, and here it's even worse that he did it at the stadium in view of the coach and they still played the next day.
Does this give Vince any vindication for the Benoit, or even the Owen decision? Will Vince ever bring this up and say "See, I did exactly what the NFL did"?
Any other thoughts on the incident would be appreciated too.

I don't think there's any fault or shame in continuing on with the game when the person in question is a murderer.  It's horrible and a tragedy, but I think both Benoit and Belcher kind of gave up their right to be mourned respectfully.  The best way to deal with something terrible like either incident, in my opinion, is to simply get on with living.  Now, the Owen deal was totally different, because that was actually Vince's direct fault and the entrance was one of the things that the PPV was promoted around.  I'm pretty sure Benoit was permanently f----- up before he even made it to WWE.  
I will say that if concussions are found to be a major factor here, things are probably gonna change fast and furious in the NFL, something you can't say for WWE.