WCW and the WWF Invasion of the Mid-90’s


Going through the WCW PPV's, and I'm just beginning in 1995, having watched all of 94.  I haven't seen these since I was a kid.  Looking back, you can see that it looks like a bunch of old WWF guys retreading their characters and stories in the WCW.  Sounds lame, bad booking, and such.  But to my surprise, the crowds are HOT.  When Austin jobbed to Hacksaw in 12 seconds or whatever it was, the crowd exploded.  The crowd is hot for all these guys in their matches so far, even in through this terrible Superbrawl V PPV.  So my question is, are the crowds hot because these guys are talented workers and know how to pull them into the match?  I mean, this retreading of WWF talent always seems to get a bad rap, considering it led to the departure of some home grown guys who had big careers.  But was the money coming in, considering how hot these crowds are?

WCW was doing OK for itself, if that's what you mean.  The Savage-Flair program in 95 and the first part of 96 especially did surprisingly well on top, like shockingly well.  Duggan always gets a big pop so I wouldn't read much into that reaction, especially since he was mainly positioned to be the guy that Vader beat up anyway.  But in a larger sense, yes, certainly the older WWF guys had longevity because they knew how to work a crowd and get themselves over and all that good stuff.  The main problem was that Hogan wasn't drawing money proportionate to his ridiculous contract until they did the heel turn.  The other guys were making far less money and were doing fine for themselves mostly.