Punk/Rock Rumble starring Ken Resnick (Question for the blog)

Its your friendly neighborhood Fuj here and I was thinking about Punk/Rock at the Rumble.

How could they conceivably job Punk to Rock on the Road to WM? (Just to say if he doesnt do the job at Survivor Series beforehand.) 

I dont see Rock showing up as the WWE champ on RAW every week, and/or defending it at the Feb PPV because of his schedule and what not.

So does that mean Punk holds the belt til WM?

Holla back pimpin,

PS- You are gonna put me over one of these days.

Yeah, that's what Bret Hart said to Shawn Michaels in 1997, too.  
Rock wouldn't be showing up as champion every week and probably not even in February, which would make it super-special when he DOES show up at Wrestlemania to defend the belt against Cena.  Two months without the WWE title being defended at every house show isn't gonna kill anyone.  Hell, they can even have Punk carry the belt around and claim to be the real unbeaten linear champion so people can get a "title match" on the shows until Undertaker finally returns to shut him up on behalf of Jerry Lawler.  It'll be fine.