Couple of Questions

Hey Scott,

I've got a couple of questions for you, and would appreciate your insight.

1) What was the deal with WWE no longer doing those UK Pay Per Views anymore? Is it because they weren't making any money on doing pay-per-views for just the UK and Europe? Or was it because they wanted to start taping Raw and Smackdown over here twice a year, and PPVs on top would have been overkill?

2) I would love to know your opinions The Miz and Sin Cara. Are they any good in your eyes, or a complete waste of time?


1)  It was indeed because they weren't making any money.  
2) Miz was terrible, got a lot better, but hit a plateau sometime around the first Cena feud and the problem is that they just kept pushing him way past the level where he should have settled into the midcard.  Miz trading the IC title with Kofi is fine, Miz wrestling Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania is a f------ joke.  He's a robot who reads his lines the way that the writers write them, and that's fine for a midcard guy, but not for someone who was supposed to be a main event guy.  Sin Cara is fine doing exactly what he's doing and hopefully he'll be smarter about injuries than Rey Mysterio was.