2 quick blog questions

1. What gimmick would you recycle that hasn't been done in a while?  For me, the Bad News Brown esque loner with no ring music might be pretty cool.

It's tough these days to just assign someone a random gimmick like in the old days, because now it's more about matching the personality with the person.  That being said, Sinister Clown is due for a comeback, and I'd like to see someone really run with a Rick Rude womanizing heel gimmick again.  

2. Who are the funniest wrestlers in history?  The Rock and Piper are great, but I don't think anyone can touch Jericho in his WCW run. 

Mick Foley always had a great sense of comic timing as well.  Colt Cabana is really entertaining on his podcast, although it doesn't always translate into the wrestling stuff.