Horsemen Questions


A few random Four Horsemen-related questions:

– In 1991, the Horsemen included Flair, Arn, Windham, and Sid.  Of those four, Flair and Sid took off for the WWF by summer.  How did they end the Horsemen in WCW at that point?  Did Flair & Sid just stop appearing on TV, or did they have any on-screen explanations or dissolution of the stable?

Nope.  The group was basically done after Flair's reveal as the Black Scorpion and they kind of just stopped associating with each other.  Flair was doing that goofy El Gigante feud and Windham/AA went off on their own as a team, more or less.

– Do you think Tully Blanchard could have been a world champion, or was he too much like Flair character-wise?

I don't think anyone would have bought him as the top guy, no.

– Through all the early incarnations of the Horsemen, they never really went with an angle where the group got tired of Flair and someone new rose to take over the group. The storyline seems tailor-made–afterall, the group existed for the sake of protecting Flair's title and the others were relegated to the secondary titles.  Did they ever have plans of having someone oust Flair and take over the group?  Off the top of my head, I can envision a late-80s face run for Flair in which Tully gets jealous and commandeers the group and Flair has to go through Arn, Tully, and Ole/Windham as a solo guy.

I never heard of any plans in that direction. 

– We have not seen a WWE version of the Horsemen (other than derivative versions like Evolution), but was there ever any talk of one being formed?

Well, yeah, Evolution.  That's where the group came from.  
– How in the world did we end up with Paul Roma as a Horseman?  Was Flair high on him backstage for some reason?

They couldn't get Tully and Roma would work for food at that point I'm sure, so we got what we got.  Ole likes people who work cheap and don't question him.
– Do you think Vader should have been a Horseman at some point (perhaps '94 with Flair, Arn, & Austin against Hogan & company?) or was he better off as a solo monster act?

Vader as a Horsemen would have been a terrible idea.  Sid was bad enough.