Stars of the 80’s who never got a singles title.

Hey Scott,

I was bored watching my fantasy football team beat up Hollywood Fuj today, so I popped in my Greatest Stars of the 80's dvd. It got me thinking, there were several guys during that time who never got to wear a singles title in the WWE.  Piper eventually got the I-C belt, but others didn't fair so well. One of my favorite guys, Paul Orndoff sticks out. That cage match with Hogan was one of the first big feel matches I remember watching and getting into. It seemed like he should have parlayed that into at least a transitional I-C run. Same with Jake Roberts and Bob Orton. These guys weren't really come in for 6 months and then leave guys, they had a good few years in the company. Anybody else from that period stand out to you as someone who deserved at least a brief title run ala Piper's three month run with the Intercontinental belt?

Well the problem is that titles actually meant something back then and it was tougher to just slot someone in for a few months, but clearly Ted Dibiase should have gotten something, and Jake Roberts for sure.  If not for Honky, Jake would have had to get a cup of coffee with the IC title.  With Orndorff it was pretty much the World title or nothing, I'd say.