Wrestling all time supercard

Hi Scott long time reader and all that I have a question/discussion for the blog if you were to put together a wrestling event with the best matches that nwa/wcw/wwf/wwe have produced what would you pick? The only rule is you can only use a wrestler once ie you can't have hogan warrior and hogan Andre you have to choose

Well if I was putting together an all-time supercard, I certainly wouldn't be picking either one of those matches.
We've done this particular exercise with Wrestlemania and other major shows a lot, and the question as phrased is really too broad because it's basically just asking for a list of great matches without any overlapping people.  Plus if it's a three hour show you could just do Flair-Steamboat 2/3 falls, a one hour Misawa-Kobashi draw, and CM Punk v. John Cena and there you go.  
So I dunno, if you guys wanna have a crack at it, go nuts.