Post Montreal question

Hi Scott, here's a question I don't think anyone has asked before: let's pretend that Montreal was the final nail in the coffin for the WWF and the company went out of business and WCW brought the video libray and acquired a lot of the WWF top stars, do you think the fate of WCW would have been the same where they would have screwed that up, and if they continued to lose money, do you think Turner would have pulled the plug on the company despite it being the only international wrestling company around? And if WCW was no more, would have the return of the territories come back or would there have been a huge investor to create a new international wrestling promotion in the same vein as TNA.

That's an awfully big pretending, since VInce was miraculously able to shell out millions of dollars for Mike Tyson months before the business turned around, despite being so destitute that he couldn't pay Bret Hart his contracted money.  
But regardless, I think that WCW would have screwed it up regardless and still gone out of business at the same time, because they were just doing SO much wrong.  Plus, as noted many times, the eventual death of WCW was caused by the TV division cancelling them, not any direct effect of the business itself.  I think probably we'd still have TNA, and guys like Cena and Batista would have migrated to MMA instead.  So basically TNA would have Mondays to itself doing the same rating as now, and probably Vince would try again with another startup at some point.