5 all time faves

hey scott, how about telling your millions and millions of followers who your top 5 wrestlers of all time are? rock, flair, bret I guess must be in there, and then? foley? steamer? shawn? owen? hennig?

greetings J

I really dislike "top 5 of all time" type lists, because there's SOOOOOO many criteria and types of wrestlers and matches and such that just naming 5 would render the whole exercise meaningless.  Top 5 WHAT?  Main eventers?  Brawlers?  Best wrestlers?  Favorite wrestlers?  Jobbers?  
Hang on, now here's a clip from High Fidelity…
If you mean all time favorites, it's generally Rock, Flair, Bret, Owen, and formerly Benoit before all the unpleasantness occurred and now it would be either Randy Savage or Mr Perfect depending on my mood.  Although Flair has tarnished his legacy so much that he's retroactively slipping down the list.  If you're going by the criteria of "People who I have specifically paid money to go see at live events" then it's Rock, Bret, Savage, CM Punk and Steve Austin.  However, that's somewhat skewed because WWF used to tour Western Canada all the time in the 80s, when I COULD go see Randy Savage live, then they stopped for most of the 90s so that I had almost no opportunity to see people like Flair.  They started coming all the time in the Attitude Era again, which is why most of my money went to Rock/Bret/Austin. Then I got online and learned about the wonderful world of sucking up to my friends in WWE and getting free tickets, so generally I haven't paid for a show since about 2001.  Until last year, when I specifically decided to buy tickets for a house show with CM Punk on top to make a point that I was paying money to see CM Punk.
So there you go.  Here's another High Fidelity clip to bookend this.