Rebooking Starrcade 89

Hi Scott, 

First Time, Long Time, Yada.  I have a question that I have wondered about for a while. 

Going into Starrcade 89 the NWA was on an awesome hot streak.  Yet, as we all know they decided to run the Iron Man Tournament instead of a normal wrestling card.  I know part of it was to set up Sting – Flair but there were a million ways to do that.  That being said how do you they should have booked the event?  I think they should of waited on the Flair/Funk I Quit and done it here but as a kid and getting to see that match live on Free TV is on of my favorite wrestling moments, so I will let it slide and that match has already happened and Funk is "Retired".

This is what I was thinking, let me know your thoughts. 

Flair v Muta – World Title vs. Undefeated Streak. – Flair wins.
Sting v Luger – US Title – Luger wins, pulls tights, feet on the ropes, something like that
Steiners v LOD – World Tag Titles – Steiners win
MXE V Doom – Pick Em – Double Count out, DQ, whatever. 
Pillman, Zenk, Gilbert v. The SST – 6 Man – SST but the youngsters put up a hell of fight. 
Steve Williams v Dan Spivey – Williams wins.
– Some filler featuring Rich, Rotunda, stulliva, freebirds, Dynamic Dudes, etc. – 

I know the under card leaves a bit to be desired but it wasn't until the next year they really started to bring in some younger talent. I would of loved to use Cactus Jack  (v. Pillman – where Pillman gets mauled but fights back and proves his toughness)  even though he was only there for a cup of coffee prior to 91, Gordy and Steamboat had already left, Sid had a punctured lung, Mean Mark wasn't there yet, etc. 

We can then move into 1990 and hope that Sting's patella stays in one place. 

Thanks in advance.  Keep up the great work.  

Tricky.  Honesty, I would have run with Luger-Flair with the switched heel-face dynamic from the year before, so that Flair could get his big win to set up the Sting feud, and then let Sting end Muta's undefeated streak and get his revenge for good.  The rest looks fine, because as you noted the roster was getting really thin by that point.  Maybe instead of MX v. Doom, we could run MX v. Dudes in a gimmick match to blow that feud off instead.  
It's actually a tough card to make fit into that period, what with booking upheavals and suchlike.