Question for the blog

Hi Scott long time reader yada yada usual crap….I have a question about Vicki Guerrero that you might have answered before

1) I know or like to think Vince only kept her on payroll as a way to help her out but at what point was it decided to make her an on screen person and why?
2) what was the purpose of her scoring the pin in her line wrestlemania match?
3) at what point did she truly get "over and hated" and everyone was like we got something good here?

1.  Yeah, for a while she was only on the payroll as a favor to Eddie, and they basically decided to try her out as an on-screen persona in order to justify the money.  

2.  So you would boo her and as a reward for years for faithful service, I'd imagine.  
3.  The Edge storyline is when she went from annoying to actually having a new term coined for her crowd reactions:  Nuclear heat.  But the thing is, she has no ego about her place in the sport and she's happy to have the character get her comeuppance all the time, so they can leave her on TV for months at a time without burning it out.