Winning Streaks and CM Punk

Hey Scott,

In response to your Post on Winning streaks, isn't that essentially what the WWE has done right with CM Punk? He has essentially had the WWE Title Since MITB 2011, winning it as a huge babyface. And then when people started to not care about CM Punk as a babyface, they turned him heel to milk another 6 months out of his title reign, leading us to the current storyline we have now.

Also, do you think it hurts Punk and the WWE in any way with the worst kept secret in wrestling, that he will drop the title to The Rock at the Rumble? It kind of Makes the Ryback "chase" moot since we all know he has no chance in hell of winning the Strap anytime soon.

In fact, I love that they're keeping track of the length of the title reign, because that's a REAL THING that people can get invested in.  Just like Undertaker's streak, it's not something that's part of the fake storyline world of WWE.  Punk really has held that belt for over a year now and that gives his title matches real stakes.
In fact, if they're looking for a hook for Wrestlemania, I'd like to steal an idea from my compadre Justin Shapiro and suggest that they ditch the Rock title change altogether and run with Punks' 500 day title reign v. Undertaker's 20-0 streak.  Because then fantasy booking geeks would run WILD trying to figure out how they book themselves out of that corner.  And why not give Rock the World title instead of the WWE title and let him face Cena for THAT instead?  And then what if Ziggler cashed in on the winner?  How's THAT for a rub?