WWE network hypothetical

Its your blog mvp the fuj and i gotta question for you and the BOD-ites…

If wwe does ever launch… What would they show on during raw/smackdown et al?

I couldnt see them showing raw/nitro from 97-98 (when it was good) and lose more viewers to themselves essentially. But they wouldn't have dead air cuz thats just a waste of money. I just dont see how they could have original raws on usa when on the wwe network you have wcw saturday night from 1982 running opposite amd think that someone like me would honestly watch raw in its current state.



I don't think you can just declare yourself the blog MVP.  I think there's a voting process or something.
As for the network, what to show against RAW is the least of their troubles with it thus far.  Given that the network, should it ever launch, is going to have an audience of maybe 100,000 total viewers at any given time, MAYBE, I'm safely confident it won't matter one bit what they put in that timeslot.  Nobody is paying HBO prices for their third-rate "network" when 24/7 is already a spectacular failure.