Ufc (154 spoilers)

Hey Scott, sure you know the results from ufc 154 but I'm a little manic about spoilers…

Anyway, Silva Superfights… after 154 which Silva superfight (if any) are you most wanting to see, GSP or Jones? And how would you want them go? Ideally I see Silva beating GSP first, then going on to Jones. But I don't know if I'd be rooting for Jones to win and send him on his way to heavyweight with that historic win, or for Silva to pull the upset (?) and retire with streak intact a la Undertaker… Or am I discounting GSP too easily before we even get to that point? Fantasy booking UFC obviously is even dumber than fantasy booking wrestling, but any thoughts?

It's not really a fair fight for GSP because Silva is a guy who walks around at 205 and has no problem fighting at that weight, whereas GSP would have to move up a lot of weight just to meet him in the middle.  I think that Jones v. Silva would be the better fight for both guys, because there's more upside for Jones to beat Silva and cement his legacy and Silva would have a better chance of beating Jones than anyone else. Although really, what do Silva or GSP have left to prove at this point?  Either way, White will drive a dump truck full of money up to someone's door and one of the fights will happen, no matter how the participants protest.