ROH TV 11-17-12

Finally, some new stuff this week. We’re in Pittsburgh,
which is a good thing as the DuBurns arena was getting a real Impact Zone vibe
to it. The lighting is a little better than Baltimore too. Tonight’s show
features Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole for the TV title.

We open with the Briscoe Boys (carrying a big ROH flag), who
call the ROH locker room out to the ring and cut the usual hick promo. They
run down S.C.U.M., put over ROH and its history (including name-dropping Bryan
Danielson and CM Punk, among others), and introduce Nigel McGuiness as the new
on-air authority figure. No big shock there, as this company only has a small
handful of non-wrestlers on the payroll. He announces Kevin Steen vs. El
Generico in a ladder war for the world title at Final Battle, along with
Corino/Jacobs vs. The Briscoes vs. Coleman/Alexander for the tag team titles.
Allysin Kay vs.
Yeah, that’s just what we need, a meaningless women’s match. Really
now, why the f--- is this on TV? If I wanted to see b------- like this I’d
watch Raw. I assume these girls (neither one of which are very attractive) are
from SHIMMER, but I don’t care enough to do any research on the subject.
Basically it’s a stiffer Divas match with the usual spots (hair tossing, bitch
slaps, bad kicks), no flow, and no heat. Not worthy of a full recap, Mschif
goes over with a sort of armbreaker DDT at 3:49. 1/4* for a couple decent
spots, -* for wasting my time with this s--- in the first place gives us a
total of -3/4*.
TaDarius Thomas vs.
Roderick Strong:
Well, you’d think that last match would be a shoo-in for
worst match of the night, but here’s Thomas, who’s had 2 negative-star matches
since August. Truth Martini follows Strong out and joins us for commentary,
just to make what’s sure to be a bad experience even more unpleasant. Strong mocks
Thomas’ kicks, already making this more entertaining than the Thomas match at
Glory By Honor. They start with a laughably bad amateur wrestling sequence, and
Thomas goes right into the shitty kicking. They actually make contact, barely,
but are still thrown with no force at all. Thomas hits a vertical suplex (holy
s---, an actual wrestling move!) for 2, but Strong is right back up and pounds
away with chops and forearms. Thomas comes back with a silly handstand kick
that ends up being a literal slap on the wrist and Strong bails to the apron. At
this point I think it’s worth pointing out (thanks Kyle) that Thomas had a 3-way at Death
Before Dishonor that also included the supremely talented ACH, and for some
reason Thomas got the win and a job out of it in some Miami Dolphins-like
talent scouting. Anyway, Strong tries to suplex him to the floor but can only
get him to the apron, they fight there for a while, and then Strong looks like
he’s going to give him a Burning Hammer to the floor but just drops him on the top
turnbuckle. Strong rolls him back in for 2 and stomps away, then comes with
some weak-as-s--- chops in the corner. Blind charge hits boot, but Strong kicks
Thomas right down for 2. Now some awfully weak s--- from Thomas, and a
hangman (TWO wrestling moves!) gets 2. A “backflip” kick (this one not making
contact) gets 2, Strong comes back with a jumping knee and then blows a
double-knee backbreaker. It gets 3 anyway at 5:58. Thomas manages to get above
negative stars, barely. DUD. Strong tells off Truth again, calling him a “dweeb
piece of s---”. That could also apply to the guy he just wrestled…
Inside ROH: Just
hype for Final Battle, with a terrible promo from Matt Hardy. Coleman &
Alexander, Jay Lethal, and Michael Elgin also get brief airtime.
Nigel McGuiness announces that Jerry Lynn will have the last
match of his career at Final Battle, and also shows us the newly designed TV
title that will go to the winner of the next match.
ROH TV Title: Kyle
O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole (C):
Well, at least they don’t have to worry about
having to follow a great match or anything… A fan nails O’Reilly in the back of
the head with a streamer as Cole makes his entrance. Fight over a lockup and
some basic but fast-paced stuff to begin, then O’Reilly ends up on the apron
and a jumping enziguri sends him to the floor. Cole tries a dive through the
ropes but gets nailed, O’Reilly hops in the ring and tries it himself with the same
result, and Cole hits it on the second try. He sends O’Reilly to the barricade
a couple times and rolls him back in, but a cross-body of the top is countered
with a dropkick for 2. O’Reilly hits a running forearm for 2 as we cut to
Back from commercial as O’Reilly gets booted in the face on
a blind charge but pulls Cole of the top rope and drops a knee for 2. He hooks
a modified abdominal stretch as Davey Richards joins us on commentary for a
moment to talk s--- about O’Reilly, who gets distracted by Richards leaving and
ends up taking the slingshot DDT on the apron from Cole. Back in the ring a
top rope splash gets 2. Cole goes for the Florida Key but O’Reilly escapes,
Cole tries the figure-4 and O’Reilly gets out of that too. Another attempt and
O’Reilly turns it into a cradle for 2, then gets a reverse Perfect-plex for 2
and turns that into a triangle choke. Both guys pound away with forearms, then
O’Reilly scores with a high knee and hits an Acid Drop, rolls that right into a
brainbuster for 2, and transitions that into a guillotine choke. Cole picks him
right up and drops him into a shoulderbreaker, and a kick to the back of the
head (NOT a superkick as Kelly claims, someone get him a Shawn Michaels DVD so he can learn what a superkick actually looks like) and the Florida Key
finishes this one at 8:53 aired. Cole looked good as usual, but O’Reilly was
especially impressive in the later goings of the match and I really wish this
would have got more time. Maybe if they didn’t have a pointless women’s match… **1/2.
McGuiness presents Cole with the new title. This might be a third-rate
promotion, but unlike WWE they have first-rate belts.
Outside of the main this was an absolutely terrible show,
but the good news is that outside of a sure-to-be-shitty QT Marshall match
everything else from this round of TV tapings looks alright. McGuiness is a far
better on-air authority figure than Cornette was, and I’m curious to see where
that goes. Next week we’ll see Titus & Whitmer against Corino & Jacobs
for the tag titles.