Best year for wrestling

Obviously the overall product is way down and almost unwatchable cause of weak story lines and everything else.  However the actual in ring product is okay.  Reading your retro rants for as good as the product was in terms of character development and storylines in the 1997-1999 era, the actual in ring product outside of Shawn and some Austin brawls was weak.

So my question is what was the best year for in ring performance (wwf/wwe only) from the top down.

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I think 2000 was pretty much the consensus best, with Rock and HHH having great matches with everyone, and then the additions of Benoit and Jericho and Kurt Angle taking everyone to another level.  Plus just look at all the ****+ matches we were getting that year — HHH v. Foley, Rock v. HHH, Benoit v. Rock, Jericho v. HHH, Angle v. Rock, Hardyz v. E&C v. Dudleyz…it's pretty unheard of, actually.  Plus you had the great tag division and Radicalz spicing up the undercard and it's hard to find a better contender up and down.