NXT – November 14, 2012

Date: November 14, 2012
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Luftman

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

have a world title match scheduled now and we have to get to that
match, which may be tonight. They weren’t really clear when the match
would be going on but tonight would be a bit soon I’d think. Other than
that we’ve got Vickie holding a bounty over Big E. Langston’s head,
which is good as he needs a story of some kind. I’ve been loving NXT for
the last few weeks so hopefully it stays this good. Let’s get to it.

is in the back to open the show and talks about how awesome he is. Bo
Dallas is called a nobody and comes up to challenge Mahal to a fight.
Dallas says since he’s so easy to beat, put up the title shot. Mahal:
“Why would I do that?” Dallas: “Why not?” Apparently it’s on and the
title match isn’t tonight.
Ascension vs. Yoshi Tatsu/Percy Watson
would be a good place for Tatsu to remind people what he’s capable of.
Cameron and Watson start things off but it’s quickly off to a now nearly
bald O’Brien. Ascension does their very fast tagging with the quick
striking offense ala Demolition. Conor puts on a hard headlock to keep
Watson down even longer. Watson finally escapes and it’s off to Tatsu
vs. Cameron as things speed up. Ascension turns up the awesome and hits
the Fall of Man (Total Elimination) for the pin on Tatsu at 2:54. Total
squash and Ascension looked great.
Aksana and Layla have one of those stupid Divas moments in the back about Layla’s hair looking bad.
Corey Graves vs. Oliver Gray
fight over an arm hold to start as we hear about Gray being a former
lumberjack. So he made his living filling in a spot around the ring for a
match no one wanted to see? How do I get that job? Graves works on the
knee as the fans cheer for him, despite him seeming to be a heel. JR
gets Tony’s name wrong (Tom) as Graves stays on the knee. Off to an
Indian Deathlock by Graves as we go back to the 1970s. Graves hooks a
cool looking rolling leg lock for the tap out at 4:13.
Rating: C-.
Not much to see here but Graves looked good which is what NXT has been
good at lately. They’ve built up a few guys and it’s hard to say who is
better than whom. In something I can’t say about WWE or TNA at the
moment, I buy this show as having a chance at not screwing this up. Good
squash here.
Video on Big E. Langston
Langston for a special interview. SWEET this should be good. He talks
about how he’s worried about Vickie’s bounty. Worried for the other
people that is, because the E stands for their end. Langston has five
reasons why he’s awesome but Camacho jumps him from behind. He hits
Langston once then holds up five fingers.
Layla vs. Aksana
quick rollup gets two for the British chick (Layla) but Aksana MESSES
WITH THE HAIR!!! Aksana puts her down and crawls along the apron for no
apparent reason. A baseball slide puts Aksana on the floor and a few
rollups get two each for Layla. Layla gets pulled off the middle rope
and pounded on a bit and it’s off to a triangle choke from Aksana. That
goes nowhere so they get into a modified catfight. Aksana takes over and
does the slow sexy crawl again which lets Layla make her comeback with
clotheslines (arms to the chest according to Tony. He’s trying at least)
and a high kick for the pin for Layla at 5:21.
Rating: D+.
This wasn’t horrible but at the end of the day, Aksana just isn’t that
good. Layla is one of the fun Divas and there’s nothing wrong with that
at all, but it kind of limits where she can go. Aksana tries out there
and there’s nothing bad about that sexy crawl, but the whole idea of
them fighting over hair and then having a not very good match isn’t
going to help shake the stigma this division has.
go to a field with Bray Wyatt, talking about how he’s a monster and
he’s never told us a lie. He’s been around for centuries and has been
worshiped by every civilization and if you want to find the sign of him,
follow the buzzards in the sky. I have no idea what he’s talking about,
but the delivery is so awesome it’s hard not to stop and watch him,
which is what promos are supposed to be about.
Roman Reigns vs. Chase Donovan
throws him into the corner to start and hooks a cravate. JR calls
Reigns the LeBron James of the WWE. That’s a bit of a stretch I’d think
but JR hasn’t cared in years so why should I? A spinebuster puts Donovan
down and it’s off to a nerve hold. Reigns lets that go, roars a lot,
and hits the belly to back slam for the pin at 2:41.
makes Byron Saxton announce him as the Thoroughbred Roman Reigns twice
because he wasn’t happy with just being announced as the winner.
Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
winner gets the shot at Rollins. Feeling out process is won by Mahal
and it’s off to a top wristlock. Dallas hooks a headlock and they slow
things down a lot. They’re using the formula usually reserved for the
long and big matches even though there isn’t a ton of time left here.
Dallas sends Mahal into the corner but misses a dropkick. Mahal’s camel
clutch doesn’t work so Jinder hits the floor as we hit a break.
with Dallas hammering away in the corner but getting caught by a
running knee in the face for two. Off to a double arm trap hold by Mahal
which goes on for a good while until Dallas flips him over for two.
Backslide gets two for Dallas so Mahal kicks him in the head a few
times. A knee to the ribs gets two and Dallas is in trouble. Dallas gets
knocked to the apron but he comes back with a kick to the head and a
slingshot clothesline for two. Dallas misses a charge into the buckle
and there’s the camel clutch for the tap at 9:03 shown of 12:33.
Rating: C.
This wasn’t that interesting of a match. They started off slowly and
usually once the break is over, things would pick up but in this case it
never got into a higher gear. Dallas is a guy that gets a good reaction
but he just isn’t that good in the ring. Mahal isn’t bad as a heel but
he doesn’t really have much of a character other than he’s Indian and
rich. Granted this is before 3MB started so that’s a moot point.
Mahal attacks Dallas post match but Rollins makes the save to end the show.
Overall Rating: C.
This was one of those shows that only kind of worked. The stuff on it
that was good was good but the stuff on it that was dull was quite dull.
The main event didn’t work that well at all but they had to have
something to fill in the time before the title match. I liked Graves and
the Ascension stuff and the Wyatt promo as well, but I’m not sold yet
on Reigns. The character development here is light years ahead of WWE
and TNA at the moment though.
Ascension b. Yoshi Tatsu/Percy Watson – Fall of Man to Tatsu
Corey Graves b. Oliver Gray – Rolling Leg Lock
Layla b. Aksana – High Kick
Roman Reigns b. Chase Donovan – Belly to Back Slam
Jinder Mahal b. Bo Dallas – Camel Clutch
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