NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #18

October 30. 2012
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Tony Mamaluke vs. Kid Kash

 The show is starting with both of the men already in the ring. They trade off a bunch of stuff in typical X Division over-choreographed fashion that ends in a stand off, without any applause from the crowd. They trade off some more stuff, which is kinda sloppy, ending with a pinfall reversal sequence. Mamaluke ducks out and Kash hits him with a pescado. Back in the ring, Kash hits a corner clothesline but ends up hitting the turnbuckle when Mamaluke catches him with a drop toehold. Neckbreaker gets two. Mamaluke roughs up Kash as Tenay mentions how Mamaluke was trained by Dean Malenko. Kash fights back and gets a pumphandle backbreaker then applies an STF-like move until Mamaluke reaches the ropes. Kash gets knocked off the apron then Mamaluke takes him down with a baseball slide. He rolls him back in and gets two. Mamaluke roughs him up then throws him in the corner. He eats boot off a charge and Kash gets a moonsault block for two. Kash works the arm but Mamaluke counters into an ankle lock as the camera is on Kash’s face as he reaches for the ropes. After he escapes, he hits Mamaluke with a double springboard cross body, getting two. Clothesline gets two. Mamaluke then reverses a waist lock and kills him with a German Suplex. Both men are down for a while. Kash floats over on a suplex attempt and gets the Bank Roll for two. That is nasty looking move and should probably have been the finish. Mamaluke gets up, basically no-selling the move, and both men now engage in a chopping battle. Kash gets a backslide for two. Mamaluke tries one of his own but Kash counters and hits the Money Maker for the win (8:48) *1/4.
Thoughts: Not much to see here besides a few decent moves. There was no flow to the match. Also, the selling was basically non-existent. The crowd was silent for most of this and it doesn’t help when TNA flip-flops Kash between a face and heel. Also, no one cares about Mamaluke. He really isn’t that impressive anyway.
West and Tenay run down the show, featuring the first round of the tournament to determine the #1 Contender for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship. Also, Ron Killings defends his title against Scott Hall. AJ Styles defends the X Division Title against the Amazing Red.
Mike Tenay interviews Scott Hall in a pre-taped bit. He mentions Hall’s past and how he never won the World Championship. Hall says he is glad to be in TNA and is attracted to the “Young Renegade” promotion going against the big promotions. TNA was the only place that would bother hiring him at this point. He brings up the prestige of the NWA title and mentions how there are young guys trying to make a name” and “old guys having fun.” He puts over Killings but then says that he is not quite as good as he thinks he is and the interview closes. Interview wasn’t special but Hall came off decently here. At least he appeared lucid, which is a plus for him anyway.
Killings comes out to the ring and raps. The crowd tells him that he sucks as Killings comes back and tells them that they swallow. He calls out Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, and Syxx Pac for “locker room politics” then downplays the rumor that Jeff Jarrett is Mr. Wrestling III. I’m guessing that was a vague internet rumor at the time because it hasn’t been hinted at on these shows. Killings then completely botches Hall’s “Don’t sing it, bring it” line as Hall comes out with a mic. He tells the Truth to stop messing with the fans and quit being Jeff Jarrett’s stooge. He tells him that Jarrett is playing him like one of “Ricky Riccardo’s bongo drums” then asks for a dose of the Truth. What is up with the dated pop-culture references? Anyway, this segment didn’t exactly make me excited to see this match.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Ron “The Truth” Killings (Champion) vs. Scott Hall
Hall throws his toothpick off the forehead of Killings, causing him to laugh. Hall takes down Killings and works the arm. He slaps the back of his head a few times to irritate the Truth. Hall puts him in the abdominal stretch as West and Tenay speculate as to who is Mr. Wrestling III. Hall goes back to the arm but Killings hits him in the face. Killings floats over Hall in the corner and comes back with a leg lariat. Killings then gets his the Pelvic Thrust Powerslam as the crowd starts cheering for Hall. Flying forearm gets two. West accidentally refers to Hall as “Ron Hall” as Killings gets the axe kick for two. Crowd starts with an “overrated” chant as Truth gets a top rope guillotine leg drop for two. Hall comes back but Killings kicks him after a back drop attempt and gets a Downward Spiral for two. Hall manages to duck a kick from Killings and Hall gets a chokeslam as both men are down. Hall comes back with the discus punch then catches him with the fallaway slam. He places Killings up top and hits the super back suplex. He signals for the edge but Mr. Wrestling III runs in the ring. Hall knocks him down and unmasks him but he is able to run away without revealing his identity and Killings hits Hall with the Truth Conviction for the win (6:47) *1/2. West believes he saw light colored hair, further adding to the speculation that he is Jeff Jarrett. It is completely obvious at the build and movements that this is not Jarrett.
Thoughts: Match was short but it was one of Hall’s better efforts in this company. At times, Hall even looked motivated. They are going to play up the Mr. Wrestling III storyline and
A video of the Curt Hennig/Jeff Jarrett feud plays but there are audio problems and they cut away from it after a little while. The feud has lasted a whole two weeks.A second attempt to run the video fails then Jarrett comes out. He says he will make this short and sweet. Jarrett promises to win the tournament and will beat the Truth to become champion. He then addresses Mr. Wrestling III situation and declares a bounty on his head, stating whether this is done privately or publically, he will pay. Hennig interrupts with his awful theme music. He says Jarrett is a “dumb” guy, sounding a bit buzzed. He then asks if he was the same guy who was “Double J” and “The Chosen One” before asking if he is “DDP.” What is the deal with the DDP stuff from Hennig? Did they have a beef? He then states how Jarrett and Mr. Wrestling III are never in the same place together before telling Jarrett that he will kick his ass.
Three-Way Dance
NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Hotshots vs. Chris & Rick Michaels vs. Chris Harris & James Storm
Harris & Storm brawl with the Hotshots outside of the ring. They also have “AMW” on the back of their trunks. Rick & Chris Michaels then attack Harris & Storm as everyone gangs up on the tag champs. They beat on them for a while as the camera work is really bad, making it difficult to see what was going on. They finally get into the ring as Rick beats on Storm. He ducks his head and Storm drills him with a superkick. Harris comes in and runs wild on everyone. Storm joins in and they beat on the Hotshots. O’Reilly pulls Harris out of the ring as Chris hits Storm with a DDT. O’Reilly breaks up the pin, then brawls with Rick. Handspring elbow by O’Reilly and the Hotshots team up on Chris Michaels. Stevens knocks Rick off the apron with a punch that missed by a mile. Harris breaks up a pin attempt. Stevens then hits him with a frogsplash, getting two. The match breaks down again as Rick clears the ring of the Hotshots. He ducks a clothesline from Harris and hits him with the Double Shot as Chris Michaels drops the elbow from the top rope, getting two. Chris is unhappy about the count and Storm pushes him out of the ring. Rick and Storm brawl until Storm puts him in the veg-o-matic. Harris shoves O’Reilly off the top rope and hits the legdrop to get the win. This finisher by Harri & Storm would later be known as the Death Sentence (6:25) ¾*. Immediately after the match, the lights go out and when they come back on, Slash and Brian Lee are in the ring destroying everyone. The camera cuts to Father James Mitchell on the ramp as he orders his men to “take the garbage out.” Lee drags Storm up the ramp then suplexes him before choke-slamming him off the ramp. He then takes Harris to the back and places him on a table as Mitchell orders Slash to “sacrifice himself for the church” as he jumps off the balcony and crashes through Harris. That looked cool, even if it was a bit played out from ECW using it so often. Mitchell decides that it has been enough carnage for one night as he tells everyone the New Church are back in TNA and will do anything they want for as long as they want until he tells them to stop. He then doesn’t care about rules and regulations and he is the “Personal Messiah” off the New Church. Good promo by Mitchell and a very effective segment to get over the new tag-team of Lee & Slash. Looks like they are finally building towards an interesting tag feud.
Thoughts: The match was a mess but the post-match stuff was effective. Harris & Storm continue to look great though.
Mike Tenay in another pre-taped interview, this time with Bob Armstrong. Bob says there will be new officiating rules as if the champ gets counted out or disqualified, he will lose the title. Tenay then brings up those who criticize Bob about who gets title shots. Bob tells him that the best way to do this is a tournament. He named Don Harris the referee for these matches.
West runs down the first round matches:
Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Syxx-Pac vs. Brian Lawler
Ron Harris vs. BG James
Apparently, only three of these matches will take place tonight.
Ron Harris vs. BG James  
Ron’s brother, Don, is the referee. Tenay lets us know that Syxx-Pac vs. Brian Lawler will not take place tonight due to Syxx suffering from a hip injury. The two men lock up as Don breaks it up. Ron backs BG into the corner but Don breaks up as a closed fist was being used. He does the same to BG and Ron knocks him down. Harris drops a few elbows as the camera cuts to Jarrett and Hennig brawling backstage. We now have a split-screen as Hennig is bleeding from the head. Back to the match, BG gets a flying forearm then a kneedrop, getting two. We go backstage again as Hennig is getting his head looking up, acting dazed. BG fights out of a headlock. He gets his foot up on a charge and beats on Ron in the corner. He does mounted punches as Don pulls him off for using a closed fist. Bob Armstrong now comes out and we go split-screen again as a group of jobbers are holding back Jarrett from Hennig. Bob tells Don that he is doing a horrible job as the official as Don believes that to be “bullshit.” Bob orders Ron back to the ring and Don to the back. He and Don push each other then Don knocks him down with a punch. In the ring, BG rolls up Ron for the win (5:52) DUD. BG runs out and attends to his father.
Thoughts: This entire segment was a clusterfuck. The match was not the focus, not like it would have been good or anything, but the backstage stuff and stupid storyline about Don Harris being the referee for the tournament was thrown out after one match.
Recap of last week’s stuff between Jorge Estrada/Priscilla and Ace Steel/Mortimer Plumtree, setting up for a match.
As Estrada and Priscilla are in the ring, Mortimer takes the mic. He says that he would never fight a woman, because he is a man. He rambles on a bit before stating how he secured the services of someone proclaiming to be more woman than Priscilla as Miss TNA Bruce walks out.
Jorge Estrada & Priscilla vs. Ace Steel & Bruce
Estrada gets distracted by Plumtree, allowing Steel to attack. Bruce chases Priscilla around the ring but gets taken out with a suicide dive by Estrada. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Steel then he hiptosses Bruce. Steel blocks a rana and Bruce dropkicks Estrada from his shoulders, getting two. Scoop slam gets two. Estrada comes back with a crossbody but Bruce fights back. Steel tags and gets a delayed vertical suplex. The heels take turns beating on Estrada. He dodges a splash and tries to tag Priscilla, like that is going to do anything productive, but Plumtree pulls her off the apron. Estrada escapes a double team and hits Bruce with a poor excuse of a leg lariat. Steel checks on Bruce and in a very contrived spot, Estrada hits both men with a crossbody, getting two. Steel alley-oops Estrada but he takes out Bruce with a shoulderblock. Priscilla trips up Steel and Estrada gets the Trip to Graceland, getting two. Estrada fucked that move up completely. He sets up for a moonsault but Bruce shakes the ropes and Estrada falls to the mat. Steel hits the Twist of Cain then tags Bruce, who rolls him up for the win (5:53) DUD. After the match, Priscilla checks on Estrada as Plumtree gets on one knee and orders Steel to bring him Priscilla. He puts her over his knee and slaps her ass. They then stomp Estrada and clear the ring shortly afterwards.
Thoughts: Match was a waste of time and Estrada was the sloppiest he has been since joining TNA. Looks to be setting up for a feud between Bruce/Plumtree and Estrada/Priscilla.
Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hennig stumbles out, all bandaged up and bloodied. Jarrett hits him with a chair from behind in the aisle and the bell rings. He rolls Hennig in the ring and taunts him before hitting the Stroke for the win (0:59). After the match, Jarrett comes in with a chair. One by one he destroys security. Jarrett then backs up Jeremy Borash and tells Hennig if he still going to kick his ass as Hennig is then helped to the back by security. 
Thoughts: I guess TNA didn’t want to take a chance on Hennig in the ring again. Speaking of Hennig, I can’t believe how disastrous his TNA run has been. He looks like he has been partying non-stop since the WWE fired him. In regards to this tournament, we have had two matches and they have both been meaningless.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn. He says he is focused on the tournament then again mentions how he has been “held down” and been victim of “backstage politics.” I like Lynn but it is ridiculous to hint that politics held him down from getting a world title shot in the WWF and WCW.
Video Recap of the Siaki/Lynn feud. The clips are shown with music being played.
Goldylocks is now backstage with Sonny Siaki, who is up close and personal with Goldy. He talks in the third person and says nothing of note.TNA is trying to make him into the Rock and its failing but you cant blame Siaki. He just doesn’t have the charisma to pull of this character.
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lockup to start as Lynn breaks cleanly. Siaki backs Lynn in the corner and hits a few shoulder-thrusts until Lynn fights back. He gets a Tilt-a-whirl headscissors then stomps Siaki in the corner. Top rope bulldog gets two. Siaki pulls up on an Irish whip and ducks out as the crowd goes into a loud “Rocky Ripoff” chant. Lynn boots him and takes him out with a running somersault plancha from the apron. Siaki reverses an Irish whip and sends Lynn into the guardrail. Lynn fights back and rams Siaki’s head off the steps. He rolls Siaki back in and gets two. Lynn charges but Siaki catches him with a stungun. Short-armed clothesline by Siaki as the crowd continues with the “Rocky Ripoff” chant. Legdrop gets two. Another pinfall gets two. Siaki chokes out Lynn with his foot as Tenay brings up how Siaki is smart by focusing on another bodypart besides the knee. Lynn floats over in the corner and gets a cradle for two. Siaki floats over on Lynn and gets an inverted DDT backbreaker before hitting the DDT. Siaki works on the neck for a bit. Lyn manages another rollup but Siaki hits him with a neckbreaker, getting two. Siaki goes back to the neck then chokes him out with his boot in the corner. Siaki applies a chinlock for a while. Suplex gets two. He heads up top but Lynn pops up and shakes the ropes. Lynn climbs up and hits a superplex but is in too much pain to attempt a pin. Both men trade punches until Lynn gets a backdrop. He hits a few clotheslines then gets a DDT for two. TKO gets two. He goes for the cradle piledriver but Siaki backdrops Lynn. Samoan Pop gets two. Lynn fights out of the Siakalypse but shoves Siaki into the ref. Siaki goes outside and brings in a chair. Siaki whiffs on a chairshot then gets the chair kicked into his face. Siaki floats over on a suplex attempt then DDT’s Lynn onto the chair. He wakes up the ref but only gets two. Siaki is pissed at the ref, allowing Lynn to get up. He charges at Siaki, who counters with a drop toehold then puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and gets the win (15:08) **1/2. After the match, Lynn beats on Siaki all over the ring and up the apron. He tosses Siaki off the ramp and into the guardrail in similar fashion as Siaki did to him a few weeks ago.
Thoughts: The match was fine, but did drag at times. The crowd was really ragging on Siaki here, who did nothing about that. He didn’t interact with the fans at all, basically ignoring them the whole time. At least we got a meaningful match from this tournament.
Recap of the Brian Lawler/Syxx Pac stuff from last week. This was shot in black-and-white with old-timey organ music playing. They were going for a comedy effect with some of the shots on Lawler but it didn’t work.
Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler and April. Lawler says the romance between Romeo & Juliet and Anthony & Cleopatra pail in comparison between the love he has with April. He runs down Syxx as April looks worried. This ends with Lawler kissing April. I gotta say, April was hot, but that is the only positive about this never-ending storyline.  
Lawler and April are now in the ring. He makes fun of the fans, until one pushes back. Lawler then slaps him and drags him over the guardrail. He beats on him until security shows up. Lawler then states how he had something to say but “assholes like that” are why they will not get to hear what he has to say then challenges the fans. The Lawler character is all over the place but I believe this was a segment to kill time as his match with Syxx Pac was delayed due to an injury.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles (Champion) w/Mortimer Plumtree
These two trade some stuff that ends with Styles nailing Red with a roundhouse kick. They then do a fantastic, fast-paces sequence moves that ends with Red connecting with a roundhouse kick. Red lands on his feet after a German Suplex then, in a perfectly timed spot, he dropkicks AJ out of the ring while he was attempting a springboard. Red puts on the brakes then kicks down AJ before going back into the ring. Red runs out and hits a beautiful somersault tope con hilo. Red then rolls him back in and gets two. AJ misses a charge and gets dropkicked in the back. He then picks up Red for a gutwrench but drops him with a cutter. Spinning neckbreaker by AJ is followed by a delayed brainbuster, getting two. Red tries for a Code Red but AJ is able to fight that off. AJ goes for a suplex but Red escapes and this time manages to get the Code Red, getting two. Red eats elbow off a charge and AJ gets the phenomenon, getting two. Red fights out of a headlock then manages to counter a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a tornado DDT. Incredible move. Styles picks up Red from the Styles Clash position and flattens him with a sitout powerbomb, getting two. AJ delivers a stiff kick to the back then after ducking a few clotheslines, nails him with a superkick. Red escapes from a front facelock as a “TNA” chant breaks out. AJ charges but eats boot then in one fluid motion, Red sweeps AJ and hits the Red Star Press, getting two. This match is awesome. Red tries a rana but AJ catches him and tries to set him up for the Styles Clash. Red escapes from that and takes him down with a rana, getting two. West is losing it on commentary, openly cheering for Red. AJ catches Red with a boot then catches him with a faceplant, getting two. Red eventually fights back and gets a roundhouse kick in the corner and takes him down with a spinkick, getting two. Plumtree distracts Red, who then walks into a clothesline. AJ goes for the Spiral tap but Red knocks him off the rope. AJ attempts the Styles Clash but Red escapes. Red takes him off the top turnbuckle with a rana but AJ rolls through and gets the win (12:38) ***3/4
Thoughts: Awesome match. This really elevated Red’s position in the company. He became a major player in the X Division tonight. He was great and has a fantastic chemistry with AJ. This match somewhat saved this show.
West runs down next week’s show:
X Division Tables Elimination match: SAT’s vs. Ace Steel vs. Kid Kash vs. Tony Mamaluke
Jorge Estrada vs. Bruce-If Estrada wins, Priscilla will become Miss TNA
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title (Again)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig (Again)
BG James vs. Sonny Siaki in the Heavyweight Title Tournament
Final Thoughts: The last two matches and the re-introduction of the New Church were the only good things about this show. I’m fine with the #1 contender tournament but the first two matches were a waste and the stipulation of Don Harris being the referee for the entire tournament didn’t even last one match. The Brian Lawler and Bruce segments are intolerable and the Mr. Wrestling III storyline is starting to really wear thin. Judging by the line-up for the following week’s show, it doesn’t look like a must-see event as you have more of the same. However, there was a power struggle behind the scenes as Panda Energy had bought a controlling share of the company right before this show. Vince Russo and Jerry Jarrett were at each others necks around this time.