Hi long time reader of yours, recently found your blog. A query I always had was why did the wwf big up Power and Glory , if memory is correct via a Battle Royal just to job them out straight away.? Also they gave them the rockers injury angle? I was a fan, but they seemed to get pushed then jobbed like mad.

Cheers Gav

Power and Glory were kind of the unfortunate victims of circumstance in that they were seemingly being set up for a title feud against the Rockers in the summer of 1990 (when they did the injury angle) but then the Rockers had their title reign erased and suddenly P&G weren't needed at that position on the card any longer.  And with LOD coming into the WWF at the same time, they were #4 on the tag team depth chart (#5 if you're still counting Demolition at that point) and they just kind of lost their spot completely when the Nasty Boys came in shortly after.  Just really bad timing for them, I guess.