Fwd: Lawler/Punk angle

FYI: Someone within WWE told me Lawler wasn't aware of Monday's angle until he was at Gorilla, and had a huge problem with it.

Don't know if that changes your line of thinking or not, but there you go.

Meltzer's take on it was that everyone in the angle, including Lawler, Punk and Heyman, all signed off on it well in advance, so who knows for sure.  I will say again that even if Lawler was bothered by it (and JR certainly seemed to be) , Lawler has done much, MUCH more tasteless angles in WWE alone over the years.  Although you'll note that they're playing the "We're so EDGY!" card for this angle, but you don't see anyone out there making fun of their b------- breast cancer month or the million tributes to the troops that air.  The last Observer actually has a huge expose on the Susan B. Komen foundation and what a joke it really is, on par with the Jenny McCarthy autism nonsense from a few years ago.  Not that we should be surprised, since most legitimate charities outside of Make A Wish want nothing to do with WWE.