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Long time blog reader all the way from Pakistan currently its my only link to wrestling now , keep up the great work. 

Stone Cold tweet reacting to Heyman's hart attack

"I believe in pushing the envelope in an aggressive fashion. But when a guy damn near dies at ringside, let it go. You look at all the contributions Jerry Lawler has made in this business: from a work standpoint, a promo standpoint and then as a broadcaster. I think that's pushing the envelope in the wrong direction. There's better ways to go get real heat than that."

I reckon he genuinely felt offended and not doing it to add any heat to possible Punk feud what do you and blog of doomers think?

cheers, Zohaib

See again, I wasn't offended by the bit at all.  I've seen way stupider stuff from them, and I'm 100% sure that Lawler himself was totally fine with the angle.  What bothered ME was Vince airing footage of a man who was clinically dead at the time getting revived and packaging it like a "Last time on Impact" pre-show video.  That was way beyond the pale for wrestling, because now I wonder if there's footage of Owen Hart out there that might get shown in that context someday.  But Paul Heyman faking a heart attack in the ring and CM Punk laughing it off on Twitter?  That's nothing.