Monday Night Open Mic

Yay! Another Monday night and I can tell by last week’s enthusiastic posters that everyone was excited about that Miz push.

So it makes sense that this week they would double down with David Otunga.

And it begs the question. Is a promotion as strong as its heels or its faces? Isn’t to say Miz is a weak heel per say..if you get past the spray tan, the mediocre ring work and the fact that he would probably get his ass whipped in a bar fight he’s actually entertaining and yes he’s getting better in the ring.

But what happened to the scary heels? I mean the guys that scared the s--- out of you. Remember Sid during that two month run between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania VIII. Who wanted to run into that guy on a bad day?

So maybe Miz and Otunga are entertaining (Hell the poster that came up with Otunga doing his coffee like Steve Austin guzzled his beer…that’s kind of genius in my opinion. But it’s more genius because it would be funny than it would be genius in drawing a dime.) but they aren’t scary. Why do we boo Miz? Why do we boo Otunga? I don’t dislike them personally. I don’t like watching them but that has nothing to do with them personally…I just had paint-by-the-numbers wrestling.

Any scary heels left out there. Brock is bad ass the 2-3 times a year he appears. Anyone else? Mark Henry was pretty fun for a second. I wish Big Show could channel that but his comedic past has sort of ruined that.

Anyway enough blabbering. Enjoy the show, come up swinging and keep it clean!