ROH Glory By Honor XI (2012)

Seems that I was mistaken, it’s Road Rage again this week,
then new stuff next week. But instead of talking about a TV show showing PPV
highlights, how about the PPV itself?
“Live” from Mississauga, Ontario. Hosted by Kevin Kelly and
Nigel McGuiness.

In case you’re wondering, this week’s TV show has
Mondo/Bennett and Edwards/Cole from this PPV, and another Matt Hardy interview
that’s not even worthy of a recap. We start off here with Kelly and McGuiness
doing a brief rundown of the card, and jump right into our opener.
The Bravado Brothers
vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander: 
The Bravados sneak attack to start and double-team Alexander.
Coleman in now and the faces hit a standing Doomsday Device for 2 as the
commentators discuss how to pronounce “Mississauga”. The ring is outrageously
loud tonight, to the point that it makes it hard to hear anything else. Coleman
goes to the top, but Lancelot distracts him and the heels take over. Harlem
hits a really nice backdrop suplex, and then Lancelot pulls down the top rope
as Coleman is trying to run them and he falls to the floor. Lancelot tosses him
back in for 2, then tags in and grabs a surfboard. Harlem misses an avalanche
and Coleman gets the hot tag. Tornado DDT attempt on Alexander is reversed into
a rolling Northern lights suplex, with both Bravados taking the third one. They
bail, Alexander gets nailed trying a dive to the floor, and Coleman launches
himself right over him with a somersault dive. Harlem then proceeds to hit a
moonsault from the 2nd rope to the floor, and Alexander follows that
with a plancha and all 4 guys are down on the outside. Funny stuff as Harlem
gets tossed back in and asks McGuiness (sitting with Kelly right up against the
ring) for help. He gets an Unprettier on Alexander as we begin heat segment #2.
This one doesn’t last long as Alexander hits a springboard knee and tags in
Coleman. Both teams get some close 2 counts, then Harlem takes a fucked-up looking
Total Elimination (learn how to do it right or find another move guys), and the top rope rana/frog splash combo finish Lancelot at
12:18. ***1/2, excellent opener.
Clip of Mike Mondo’s near sexual assault on Maria Kanellis
from ROH TV a few weeks ago.
Mike Bennett (w/
Maria Kanellis) vs. Mike Mondo:
Bennett’s trunks look more like panties
than wrestling gear. McGuiness starts with the horndog comments about Maria
before the match even begins. Mondo cheap-shots during the Code of Honor,
pounds away in the corner, then does some of the worst looking worked punches
I’ve ever seen from the mount. Maria hops up on the apron, Mondo grabs her,
Bennett tries to nail him and misses and Mondo hides under the ring. He pops
out on the other side and just launches Bennett in to the barricade, and then
chases Maria around. He tries a dive from the apron, but Bennett catches him
and powerslams him on the concrete. Mondo to the barricade now and I’m thinking
this is where he breaks his leg, but he keeps going. Back in the ring they slug
it out. Mondo gets knocked off the top to the floor and they brawl outside some
more. Back in we get the double-KO spot off simultaneous cross-body attempts.
Both guys bail and now they brawl by the entrance, and Mondo backdrops out of a
powerbomb attempt and starts pinballing Bennett between the barricades. He
tries to crotch him on the rail, but the leg can’t handle the weight and he fucks
up the spot. Mondo then gets the bright idea to climb up to the top of the
entrance on a busted leg and dive off it, and fucks that up too. Back in the
ring Maria nails Mondo and Bennett hits the TKO for the pin at 9:51. ½*, the
injury to Mondo totally shot what wasn’t looking to be a very good match to
begin with, as brawling isn’t these guys strong suit. Though I do give Mondo
credit for finishing the match.
Clips of the WGTT/Titus & Whitmer match from ROH TV.
Rhett Titus & BJ
Whitmer vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas:
WGTT jumps Titus &
Whitmer from behind as they make their entrance, and double team Whitmer in the
ring for a bit until Titus breaks it up. Haas gets tossed over the top and
Whitmer hits a suicide dive to the floor as the match starts proper. Titus gets
a bulldog on Benjamin for 2 as Haas kicks the shit out of Whitmer on the floor.
Now the heat segment begins on Titus (who’s tied up in a streamer), with mostly
punchy-kicky stuff from WGTT. Double KO from simultaneous clotheslines, both
guys tag out and Whitmer gets a Northern lights on Haas for 2. Exploder suplex,
Benjamin makes the save but gets tossed over the top for a nice bump. Haas and
Whitmer flip each other off while pounding on each other in a funny sequence,
then trade German suplexes, then Haas gets an Olympic Slam for 2. The faces
double team Haas as it appears that we’re not bothering with tags anymore.
Benjamin finally gets to his feet and back in the ring, Titus gets crotched on
the top rope and a double powerbomb finishes Whitmer at 10:11, plus a couple
minutes of brawling outside before the match officially started. **1/2, not a
bad match or anything but kind of disappointing.
Clips from the Steen/Lethal incident in Rahway NJ, as
covered last week.
Jay Lethal vs. Davey
Also covered last week, only notable thing from the few minutes
not shown on TV is the commentators calling Richards Eddie Edwards a couple
times. When even the COMMENTATORS have trouble telling them apart, that’s a
problem. Original *** rating still stands.
Intermission. Various clips hyping tonight’s main event are
shown, then the whole video package is repeated. Twice. No, that doesn’t scream
LOW BUDGET! at all…
TaDarius Thomas vs.
Rhino (w/Truth Martini):
Of course, this was supposed to be Thomas vs.
Roderick Strong, but Strong comes out and quits the House of Truth (telling Thomas
that he’ll “kick him right in the balls” was just hilarious) and we get Rhino
instead. Crowd is solidly behind Rhino despite the fact that he’s the heel,
though that’s probably because Thomas completely sucks. Rhino stalls and Thomas
dances around for the first minute or so, then Rhino sends Willie Wanker back
to the locker room for the rest of his gear. Thomas starts with his shitty
loose kicks that don’t make contact, Martini returns with a duffel bag as Rhino
hits some sort of F5-like move for 2. Martini hands him some tape, and he tapes
up his wrists and chokes Thomas with it real quick as well. Hey, why not? Rhino
tosses Thomas to the outside and Martini stomps on him in full view of the ref,
nearly getting Rhino DQ’d. Back in, Rhino grabs a bearhug, then stomps away and
drops the leg for 2. Another bearhug, Thomas gets free, Rhino punches him in
the head but apparently Thomas is related to the Headshrinkers, as Rhino sells
the hand. So like a moron he does it twice again with the same result. Thomas
comes off the ropes with… fuck, I dunno, but it doesn’t make contact. More
horrible kicking from Thomas, Rhino gets a belly-to-belly and sets up for the
Gore and for some reason Martini trips up Thomas. Gore misses, another kick
from Thomas totally misses and he gets La Magistral for the win at 5:56. When I
said last week that this wasn’t going to be very good I was being really
optimistic. -**. Holy shit, this was fucking AWFUL, as NOT ONE of Thomas’ kicks
made contact, and even if they had they were thrown with such little force that
they couldn’t have possibly caused any damage. This wins my vote for worst
match of the year by a mile, and the fact that Thomas wasn’t shitcanned as soon
as this was over (he wrestled at last week’s TV taping) is just mind-boggling.
Rhino takes out his frustrations on Martini, press slamming him from the ring
to the barricade and leaving a horrible looking bruise on his leg for the
second guardrail-related injury of the night.
ROH TV Title: Eddie
Edwards vs. Adam Cole (c):
Praise Jeebus, here’s Cole to hopefully wash the
taste of that last match out of my mouth. Extended 30 minute time limit for this
battle between two tag partners.  Long
(about 6 minutes) chain wrestling sequence to start as the fans get into the
dueling chants. Eddie starts chopping, Cole throws forearms and he ends up on
the floor and Eddie tries a dive through the ropes, but he gets kicked in the
head. Cole eats a boot to the face as he tries to get back in the ring and this
time the dive lands. Back in Eddie works the neck, Cole works the knee. Edwards
ends up on the apron and Cole hits a jumping enziguri, and then slings himself
over the top rope and DDTs Edwards on the apron. Nice. Cole hits a splash from
the top in the ring for 2. They do some more technical stuff, then Eddie hits
the double stomp from the top onto Cole’s back for 2, and rolls it right into a
half crab. They fight over that for a while (kicking each other in the head as
they do it) until Cole finally gets loose. Cole gets the figure-4, Edwards
makes the ropes. They fight over a superplex and both guys end up tumbling to
the outside. Eddie rolls Cole back in and scores 2 superkicks, but Cole comes
back with a shoulderbreaker and a boot to the back of the head for 2. Florida
Key finishes it at 19:11. ***, good technical contest. If WWE isn’t looking at
Cole they should be.
Clips of the Briscoes beating S.C.U.M. at Boiling Point.
ROH Tag Team Title:
The Briscoes vs. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs(C):
Corino is wearing what
looks like a women’s one-piece swimsuit. Big brawl all over the outside to
start, with Corino paring off with Jay and Jacobs with Mark. In the ring
finally, as Corino gets his ass kicked. Jacobs in now as the heels take over
for a moment, but the Briscoes regain control pretty quickly. Corino nails Mark
with a roll of coins behind the ref’s back and sends him to the floor, and
S.C.U.M. goes to work on Jay. He hits Corino with a Flatliner on the second
rope turnbuckle as we see Mark finally getting back to his feet. Jay flips out
of a superbomb attempt and gets the hot tag, and Mark pounds on Jacobs in the
corner. Iconoclasm gets 2 for Mark, Corino gets dumped to the floor and the Briscoes hit
the Sidewinder for 2. More brawling leads to the quadruple KO. Jay gets dumped,
Sliced Bread on Mark gets 2. Jay hits Corino with the Death Valley Driver on a
piece of guardrail as a Jacobs senton finds Mark’s knees in the ring. DVD on
Jacobs now and Mark hits a top rope elbow for 2. The Briscoes set up for the
Doomsday Device but Corino throws the ref into the ropes to crotch Jay on the
top, boots Mark in the junk, and Jacobs pins him with a rollup at 13:59. **,
decent, but not great ECWish brawl with basically no actual wrestling to speak
More Steen/Elgin clips.
ROH World Title: Kevin
Steen (c) vs. Michael Elgin.
Steen comes out first and cuts a promo,
talking shit about Jay Lethal and telling the fans that the package piledriver
is no longer banned. Elgin comes out solo and Roderick Strong, who said earlier
that he was going to sit at ringside with some little kid and drink beer, is
shown doing just that. Both guys throw forearms and shoulderblocks to start,
then Elgin scores with a Black Hole Slam and Steen bails. Elgin follows him
right out and it’s another forearm battle, and Steen gets sent to the
barricade. He comes back with an eye rake and now Elgin hits the steel, and
Steen chokes him out with a fan’s Canadian flag. Elgin does likewise and rolls
Steen back in. A powerslam and a delayed vertical suplex each get 2 for Elgin. He
pounds away in the corner, and a flying shoulderblock gets only a one count.
Elgin to the apron, and Steen hits that nasty DDT through the ropes and both
guys are back on the outside. Steen Powerbombs Eglin onto the apron, then hits
a frog splash from the apron. That seems like it would do more damage to Steen,
and sure enough he does the majority of the selling off it. In a bit of
foreshadowing the fans start doing the “Ole!” chant. Back in with Steen doing a
foot choke and he stomps away. Elgin misses a Yazuka kick and eats a backdrop
suplex for 2. Steen uses the knee and hits a standing senton for 2. He gets
distracted talking shit to Roderick and misses a blind charge, and gets dropped
with a jumping enziguri. Yet another stiff forearm battle, then Steen goes for
the Fat Sharpshooter but can’t lock it in. Elgin goes for the powerbomb, Steen
reverses it into a package piledriver attempt but gets dropped on his head. He
comes back with a corner cannonball for 2. He goes for what looked like a
German from the top, Elgin knocks him off but a corkscrew attempt hits the
knees. Blind charge from Steen ends with him on the floor, and Elgin hits a
running somersault to the outside. Now Roderick wants to get involved but Elgin
yanks him over the barricade and just destroys him, tossing him through the
curtain to the back.
Steen tries to attack from behind but gets caught and
powerbombed into the ringpost. Corkscrew (barely) hits this time for 2, he goes
for the powerbomb but can’t get him up and now Steen gets the Sharpshooter.
Elgin reverses it into a crossface but Steen makes the ropes. They fight it out
on the apron, Steen grabs a sleeper and Elgin falls back first and both guys go through the
table that Davey Richards bounced off of earlier. This time it breaks, and both
guys just barely beat the count back in. Elgin tries a rana but takes a sitout
powerbomb for 2. F5 is reversed into another crossface, Steen rolls it into a
pin for 2. Elgin with a huge German suplex for 2 and he starts throwing knees,
a clothesline (with the Jannetty sell from Steen) gets 2. Steen no-sells the
turnbuckle powerbomb and comes back with a clothesline of his own and both guys
are out. F5 hits for 2, piledriver attempt results in yet another crossface,
Steen makes the ropes again. He gets the package piledriver and a handful of
fans toss streamers thinking it’s over. It’s not, and the crowd is going nuts
as Steen gets into a shoving match with the ref over the count and Elgin scores
a rollup off that for 2. Steen hits the cannonball again but Elgin holds on and
powerbombs him. Another turnbuckle powerbomb and Elgin hits the spinning sitout
powerbomb. Steen kicks out, Kelly is going insane as Elgin tries a top rope
powerbomb, but it gets reversed into a (nearly blown) top rope package
piledriver to finish Elgin off at 31:29. ****1/2, this was one hell of a good
match and easily a MOTYC (my vote still goes to Styles/Daniels from Destination
X though), but not quite the all-time classic that some people make it out to
be. Roderick Strong runs out and blasts Elgin with the Sick Kick to get some
And now the angle that will close out 2012, as ref delivers
a box to McGuiness. Steen: “I’m the champion, where’s my music, you fuckin
idiot? This IS pay per view, something had to go wrong!” HA! Fans start with
the “Ole!” chant again as McGuiness tells us that in the event that Steen won
he was to personally deliver the box to Steen. He does so, and Steen looks like
he’s about to shit his pants in fear, as inside is El Generico’s mask. End of
Final thoughts: Interesting show, as we get both a match that
some people are calling the MOTY, and a match that is by far and away the worst I’ve seen in 2012. For the price though this was an absolute steal, and
more importantly it went off without any technical issues. Well worth checking
out if you can find it. Next week we finally get into new stuff from last
week’s TV taping.