Fwd: Jack Swagger


 Do you think Jack Swagger is too far gone to amount to anything?  Guy is a solid worker, but has the stigma of a choke artist after his horrible title run and jobber status since.  Is there anything they could do to make something out of him?  Would a move to TNA do any good by giving him a fresh start?  I keep saying they should do like in the old days with some of these guys that get stuck in a rut — put a mask on them and turn them into a tag team.    Then you can push them without the stigma until people forget about it, unmask them, and bam, you've got a name guy that people remember but respect again.  That's what happened with Doom, for instance, and Ron Simmons got a World title run out of it.  Either that or do like Raven and basically reinvent your personality and look so radically that you become a different person.  However, I think that the "All American American" character has the loser stink on it (and really, ever since he was in ECW with the same character I've thought it was a go-nowhere deal) and it's time to jettison it.