Fwd: Pro Wrestling USA

So I have been watching Pro Wrestling USA from the mid-80s and its my understanding that its an amalgam of JCP, Memphis and AWA, but I had a few questions to maybe ask the blog:

  1. I noticed that the tv production on the shows are very inconsistent.  In that I mean you can see the first taping event was Memphs, and the next Crockett, and the last AWA.  Was that the plan to keep rotating?  I would think in hindsight that would put one foot in the grave with a project like that to be that inconsistent.  
  2. Also was the show essentially meant to be a showcase or was it supposed it going to be an autonomous federation, that featured the guys from those feds?  It seems like other than the re-establishing Backlund (who was still referred to as the WWF Champ)  and a Road Warriors vs Lawler/Tommy Rich feud, there was no angles or other reasons to keep people tuning in from week to week. 
In another comment on this, it seemed pointless to do what they are doing because they considered, Flair, Martel, Carlos Colon and to some extent though no belt Backlund as World champions.  

Oh my god, THAT disaster.  Yeah, the idea was to rotate tapings and share rosters to basically act as a challenge to WWE, but Crockett turned into his personal buffet of available guys to pick off for his own promotion, and Verne Gagne thought he was above everyone else, and it was just a ridiculous mess.  Greg Gagne actually talked about the "promotion" on a DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries that I reviewed a while back, and he pretty much described it the same way.  
And Backlund kept referring to himself as WWF champion because in his mind he was screwed out of the title, even though he agreed to do the job to Sheik.  But it was supposed to be a showcase for the individual promoters and it was just a hot mess for obvious reasons.