NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #17

October 23. 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Elimination Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the X Division Title
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash vs. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Elix Skipper


Everyone attacks each other as Tenay explains how this match is under “Lucha Libre” rules, meaning that there are no tags and wrestlers can make saves. Why the hell would they do that in an elimination match? Everyone ends up outside and Red takes them out with a beautiful looking somersault plancha. Then in an unbelievably contrived looking spot, Jose hooks Red onto Joel as he has Kash in the Gory Special and then puts Red in the Camel’s Clutch. Skipper comes over and puts Jose into the clutch then breaks to hit everyone with a springboard dropkick. Well, that at least made for an interesting visual. Joel gets a really shitty looking headscissor takeover on Kash. He goes up top but Kash meets him with a dropkick in mid-air. He then flies to the outside and hits him with a springboard rana, almost killing himself in the process as Joel barely held him up for the move. Kash hits Joel with a jumping DDT from the table. Red and Joel slug it out in the ring. They then do a series of counters that ends with Jose catching him with a Rydien Bomb that Skipper breaks up at two, in an elimination match. Funny moment as a confused West asks for an explanation of the Lucha rules and Tenay starts improvising then just says this is a variation of Lucha. This company is priceless. Skipper kicks Jose, who was on the top rope, then gets the tight-rope walk rana for two. That was sweet! Skipper with a gutwrench then a double underhook suplex gets two as Red breaks that up. He sends Skipper out with a spinkickand fights with Kash. He goes up top but is met by Kash and powerslammed off the top. The SAT’s team up on Kash then Joel beats on his brother, Jose. DDT is broken up by Skipper and he hits the Play of the Day on Jose for the pin (7:41). Kash dropkicks Joel out of the ring and Skipper flies out with a twisting pescado. Back in, Skipper gets a headscissor takedown as West proclaims him as the favorite to win the match. Red then hits him with a spin kick then Joel gets a vetebreaker-type move for the pin (8:48). Dear god, they jobbed him out to one of the SAT’s. They go spilt-screen and Kash gets the Moneymaker on Joel for the pin (9:24). Kash and Red are left. Red with a spinkick for two. He runs into a boot and Kash comes off the top with a double springboard senton for two. They do a rollup reversal sequence that ends with Kash using a fisherman’s buster onto his knee for two. Ouch. Double springboard crossbody gets two. After a replay, we see them fight on the top rope that ends with Red elbowing Kash down then hitting the Infrared for the win (12:23) **1/4.
Thoughts: A few nice moves but the beginning was filled with blown and contrived spots. The SAT’s are really out of their league here by the way, especially Jose. The last few minutes were good and Kash was killing Red with all sorts of moves. I don’t mind Red winning and getting a shot at the belt but it seems like every title shot is earned in a multiple-man elimination match. How many of these have they had anyway? At least it can get the crowd going so putting it on first is a good idea.
Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler, who is peaking out the arena door, presumably looking for April. He says that he would like to talk later as he is under pressure. He is without a doubt the worst actor in this promotion.
Recap of Chris Harris & James Storm getting jumped by the Hotshots last week. This package has slightly better production values but still comes off as dated.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Title Match
The Hotshots vs. Chris Harris & James Storm (Champions)
Storm and Harris immediately charge the ring and beat on the Hotshots. They brawl outside where Storm uses his belt on O’Reilly. They continue to brawl around the ring for a while. Stevens gets caught with a powerbomb after jumping off of the guardrail in a very awkward looking spot. Harris tosses the timekeeper and takes the chair as he beats on O’Reilly. They eventually go into the ring as West calls this a “good old-fashioned beating.” I give West credit for trying to get everything over while being very enthusiastic. Harris gets tripped up by Stevens and the Hotshots are now on the attack. Stevens gets a suplex for two. They double-team Harris then knock Storm off the apron. O’Reilly gets a single-leg crab. Harris fights out and chops down O’Reilly but Stevens cuts off the tag attempt after tagging in himself. He goes for a float over in the corner but Harris was never there and gets hits with a spear. Harris tags in Storm and runs wild as West calls this one of the greatest tag matches he has ever seen. Its clear that he hasn’t seen a lot of tag matches himself. Storm hits O’Reilly with a drop toehold and he lands in the crotch of Stevens. Storm gets tossed out of the ring. Harris picks up O’Reilly for the catatonic but Stevens hits him with a superkick and O’Reilly falls on top, getting a two count. After some brawling, Harris sends Stevens to the floor and Storm hits the Eight Second Rule (Spinning Faceplant) for the win (7:22) **1/4
Thoughts: A decent match, although Harris & Storm were never really in any danger of losing. The Hotshots aren’t very good but this was the best they have looked in TNA. Harris & Storm are really coming together as a team.
Video recap of the Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki feud.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn. She brings up the fact that his knee isn’t at 100% and Lynn confirms that it is indeed still hurt, but it won’t stop him from wrestling tonight. He references his injury that occurred in the WWE, like anyone remembers. Mentioning this does nothing to dispute the fact that this company is a poor imitation of the WWE. He goes on about young wrestlers using him as a stepping stone and how that will not be happening tonight. As Lynn leaves, Lawler is looking right at the camera asking for April’s whereabouts. There has been way too much Lawler on these last few shows. The interview with Lynn was passable.
Grudge Match
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn comes out limping, selling his right knee. He drags Siaki out from the ring and starts slugging away. Siaki tries to go for the injured knee but Lynn shoves him off with his legs, causing Siaki to fly over the guardrail. Lynn leaps over the rail and hits Siaki with a forearm. He tosses Siaki back over and punches away. He rolls Siaki into the ring as the bell goes off, signaling the start of the match. Uh, okay. Lynn tries a slam but his knee goes out. Siaki works on the knee and uses a single-leg crab. Lynn eventually reaches the ropes as Siaki breaks the hold just before the five count. Siaki lands on the apron after a backdrop but Lynn dodges a shoulder thrust and comes down on the back of Siaki’s neck with a legdrop. Siaki is able to get up and wrap Lynn’s leg around the pole. Siaki heads back into the ring and hits Lynn with a kneebreaker. He tries another won but Lynn is able to counter with a sunset flip, getting two. Crucifix gets two. He whiffs on a clothesline and Siaki takes him down. He puts Lynn in a variation of the figure-four leglock. Lynn is able to break but Siaki kicks him back down. He puts him in a bow-and-arrow lock while putting pressure on the knee of Lynn. He starts beating on the knee, slamming it down repeatedly. He tries for a figure-four but Lynn kicks him into the turnbuckle then rolls him up and uses a bridge to get the win (5:48) **1/2. After the match, Siaki then attacks the knee and uses another single-leg crab as some referees run out and break up the melee. Lynn jumps over them and assaults Siaki, who ducks out. He walks up the ramp as Lynn is on the mat in pain, holding his knee.
Thoughts: Short, but a really good match. I wished they had given this five more minutes. Loved the psychology, which is lacking in a majority of TNA matches, even if the constant WWE injury references from Tenay got tiresome.
Video recap of the Curt Hennig and Ron Killings feud. Some feud this has been
BG James and Curt Hennig head out to the ring. Curt has the mic and says he has fought many of wrestlers around the world who try to be like Curt Hennig. He then laughs at “that one mark who tried to steal my hair,” then identifies him as Diamond Dallas Page. However, the biggest “Hennig Wannabe” of all-time is Jeff Jarrett. Is there a point to this promo? He then recalls a “few years ago” when Jarrett was a rookie and he kicked his ass all over the arena then brings up the “West Texas Rednecks” from WCW and just rambles on about his past in a manner that would make you think he had a few before coming out. He then talks about his physique, oblivious to the fact that he is a bloated mess, and orders the camera to do a close-up of his face as he tells everyone that he is the man who took down Brock Lesnar from 35,000 feet. The crowd cheers for that as he then challenges Jarrett for a match next week, once again mentioning how he took down Lesnar. Jarrett’s music hits but he doesn’t come out as Tenay tells us that Goldylocks is backstage. We see Jarrett telling Lawler that they need to go to the ring. Lawler tells him that he needs to stay backstage and wait for April. Jeff tells Lawler off and walks away. We go back to the ring as James cuts a promo on Lawler that is anything but memorable. A long segment that was filled with Hennig talking about what he did in his past, you know, when he still mattered. He came across as sad and broken down here, especially when you consider how awful he looks. His mentions of taking down Brock cant even help him now, seeing how he can barely move in his matches. Hennig’s TNA stay has been a disaster as no one cares about him anymore. 
Tenay plugs the D.C. Sniper reward fund auction.
Scott Hall’s music hits and Tenay and West appear surprised that he is back. They play up his absence as taking care of family issues. He grabs the mic and says he wasn’t supposed to be out until later but isn’t good at following rules. He says he is trying to be a good boy then completely stumbles over his next line. He calls out Jarrett and they start their match. Great, the last two interviews were conducted by people who are probably intoxicated and definitely past their primes.
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hall knocks him down and Jarrett rolls out. Hall tosses him back in and beats on Jarrett. He chops him down in the corner and Jarrett ducks out again. Hall chases him around the ring then gets stomped as he re-enters. The crowd is loudly booing Jarrett. Hall catches him and hits the Last Call. Jarrett walks up the ramp but Hall follow him and they brawl into the stands. Hall throws a trashcan off Jarrett’s back, then Jarrett quickly returns the favor as Tenay babbles on about their IC Title reigns. It’s not 1995 anymore Tenay. Hall with a chairshot to the back and they brawl towards the ring. Hall rams Jarrett’s head off the announcers table before rolling him back in the ring. Kneelift by Hall but he gets backdropped to the outside after attempting the Razors Edge. Jarrett with a forearm to the back of Hall. Back in the ring, Jarrett beats on Hall for a while. Neckbreaker gets two. Jarrett jumps on the back of Hall and gets a sleeper. Hall drops down but eventually gets up. He fights out and chokeslams Jarrett as both men are down. Eventually, Jarrett climbs on top and gets two. Hall hits Jarrett a few times but ducks a clothesline and Jarrett hits the ref. As Hall checks on him, Jarrett gets a steelchair and hits Hall. Hennig runs out and decks Jarrett as the lights go out. Ron Killings shows up on the  screen and tells Hennig not to overlook him and that he will be “up his ass like a cold rectal thermometer.” The lights go back on and Hennig looks down at Jarrett as Lawler runs in and attacks. James comes right out and chases Lawler away. Jarrett tries the stroke on Hennig, but he blocks and hits a low blow. Hall gets the Razors Edge for the win (11:35) *1/2. Hennig and Hall briefly celebrate before exiting the ring.
Thoughts: Jarrett worked his ass off to hold this match together. The ending was incredibly lame though.
Brian Lawler vs. BG James
James gets clobbered as he runs into the ring. Lawler focuses on the crowd and goes flying out of the ring after James side-steps a charge. James crotches Lawler on the guardrail and bounces him up and down until Lawler breaks it up with an eye rake. He then grabs the mic and asks if anyone has seen April then hits James. He goes for a piledriver but James carelessly backdrops him and he lands on his head. He is lucky not to have broken his neck. James uses a really weak chairshot then follows Lawler around the ring. He throws him into the guardrail. He tries it again but Lawler reverses and sends him into the steps. He tries to wrestle a chair away from the same African-American lady that appeared on the first few shows. She gives that chair to James who hits Lawler. They go back into the ring and James gets his punches and a big boot. Lawler floats over on a pumphandle drop attempt and nails James with a superkick. Lawler goes up top but Syxx Pac and April are on the ramp and making out. He stays up there looking pissed then falls off, crotching himself, and James rolls him up for the win (4:40) DUD. After the match, Lawler is shown crying, displaying some more of his truly wretched acting ability.
Thoughts: A waste of time. Lawler’s stuff might work with the live crowd but that is about  it. His comically bad overacting is a huge turn-off. James has deteriorated and his just awful in the ring. His catchphrases and date references aren’t helping him either as the crowd is getting less and less into him each show. A Syxx Pac/Lawler feud doesn’t exactly generate excitement. 
Highlights of last week’s match between AJ Styles and Syxx Pac.
No DQ Match
X Division Championship
AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Syxx Pac (Champion)
A sign in the crowd states how Syxx loves necrophilia, which is most likely a response to the Katie Vick incident that was shown on RAW the Monday before this show. Syxx insults Plumtree before the match, who gets irate. Plumtree is a run-of-the-mill heel manager. AJ mocks Syxx Pac but walks into a chop. They reverse go-behinds until Styles goes out of the ring. Syxx follows him out with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Syxx catches AJ with a spinning heel kick, getting two. Pancake by Syxx who then puts him in the surfboard. AJ floats over in the corner and takes Syxx out with a headsicssor takedown. AJ gets caught attempting a baseball slide and Syxx hotshots him on the guardrail. AJ ducks the stair toss from Syxx Pac. AJ alley-oops Syxx into the post then rolls him back into the ring. He goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap, getting two as Plumtree is furious, asking if the Armstrong’s need a remedial arithmetic class. Syxx fights out of a surfboard but AJ gets the Phenomenon, getting two. Syxx pulls up on AJ dropkick attempt and gets a few spinning heel kicks. He catches AJ in a powerbomb, getting two. He kicks him in the corner and then gets the Bronco Buster. He plays to the crowd while standing on the top rope and AJ powerbombs him, getting two. Syxx bridges out and hits the X Factor but Plumtree pulls out the ref after a two count. Syxx pulls up Plumtree and AJ accidentally hits him, allowing, Syxx to get a Northern Lights Suplex for two. He goes off the top but AJ goes behind at gets a German Suplex for two. Syxx rolls through a crossbody attempts and gets two. He tries a powerbomb but AJ slips out and goes for the Styles Clash. Syxx makes the ropes but Brian Lawler hits him with a waterbottle and AJ is able to hit the move and wins the title (8:59) ***1/4. Syxx goes up to AJ then raises his hand. Lawler sneaks in the ring and AJ slips him the belt as he nails Syxx.
Thoughts: Good match. Syxx was motivated tonight and he and AJ easily had the best match of the night. AJ retaining the title is a good thing as Syxx doesn’t need the belt. They further pushed a potential Lawler/Syxx feud.
Ace Steel vs. Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla
According to Tenay, Plumtree is celebrating with AJ and feels Estrada is beneath Steel, so he doesn’t need to be out there supporting his client. works the arm then grounds Estrada. The two then trade a bunch of counters until Steel gets a hiptoss. Estrada catches Steel and they f--- up a powerbomb spot as Steel can’t do anything correctly. When Estrada has to cover for your blown spots, it’s not good. Estrada with a headscissor takedown and Steel cant even bump correctly off of that. Suplex gets two. Steel catches Estrada and gets a sideslam for two as the crowd chants for Estrada. Steel gets a dropkick off the middle rope then tosses Estrada to the floor. He flies out with a suicide dive then tosses Prsicilla after they argue. Estrada tosses Steel against the apron and they perform an ugly spot that ended with Estrada getting a DDT. Back inside, Steel rolls away form a split-legged moonsault. Estrada fights back but Steel knocks him of the top rope. Superplex gets two. Estrada gets a few clotheslines then a dropkick. Steel catches him and goes for the Twist of Cain but Estrada slips out. Steel gets a pair of Northern Lights Suplexes but cant put him away. He bounces off the ropes but Priscilla grabs his leg and Estrada rolls him up for the win (6:25) ¾*. Plumtree runs out and yells at the ref and he and Priscilla get into a fight as Steel beat on Estrada.
Thoughts: Lots of blown spots, which was to be expected. Ace Steel is awful and I have no idea why TNA was trying to push this guy. He is a ten year pro who fucks up multiple moves per match. It seems like they are building towards Estrada/Priscilla vs. Steel/Plumtree match, which no one cares about.  
A scroll at the bottom shows some of the auction items, such as being Vince Russo’s assistant for the day or waterskiing with Jeff Jarrett.
Syxx Pac comes down to the ring. He says that AJ is a world-class wrestler and that he was too worried about screwing with Lawler and that cost him the title. He calls April a piece of ass then says we can settle this now, with the winner getting April. Lawler comes out, looking preoccupied. He says he doesn’t want April and that she is used. April comes out and tells Lawler she loves him and that Syxx forced him to do what he did. Lawler comes to the ring and beats on Syxx Pac. The refs break this up as April looks happy at the chaos she created. Looks like this focus of this feud will be on April has a troublemaker. Hey, at least it doesn’t involve Necrophilia.  
West runs down next week’s show which includes:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig
Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title
Scott Hall vs. Ron Killings
Chris Harris & James Storm defend the Tag-Titles
NWA TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron Killings (Champion) vs. Curt Hennig
Hennig runs in and attacks Killings. He chops him in the corner and gets the necksnap. They go outside and Killings tosses him into the post. Hennig is already gassed. He beats the crap out of Hennig but misses an axe kick and crotches himself on the guardrail. Hennig beats Killings until he gets choked out by the camera cord. Killings taunts the crowd with pelvic thrusts then rolls Hennig into the ring. Killings gets a snapmare then hits a legdrop off the second rope, getting two. Axe kick and Killings taunts the crowd some more. Fistdrop from the second rope by the Truth and he backs him into the corner. Wheelbarrow slam gets two. Killings works Hennig over in the corner until he fights back. However Killings comes back with a flying forearm then flexes. Hennig reverses a stomp and puts on an ankle lock. Truth reaches the ropes but Hennig goes back on offense as the crowd is dying. Hennig goes low then hits a backdrop. Mr. Wrestling III runs in but Hennig beats on him then tries to unmask. Truth nails Hennig from behind with brass knuckles and gets the pin (8:29) ¼*.
Thoughts: Bad match and not at all passable for a main event. Hennig is even worse in the ring than Scott Hall at this point. Killings desperately needs someone to feud with because the World Title value is diminishing due to insufficient challengers.  
A promo airs reading that “Evil Returns” next week. The music they used sounded just like Malice’s.  
Final Thoughts: Although much better than the past two weeks, this show still needs some improvements. Hennig and Hall are not helping this company any with their performances. The veterans are phoning it in as a whole. Also, there was way too much Brian Lawler on this show. No need for that as his looking for April interfered in almost every segment. The X Division title match was really good and the Siaki/Lynn match was fun but everything else was unremarkable. At least they are building coherent storylines, even if they are not exciting.