Fwd: 2012 Scott Sez

Good evening,

Hope all is well. Have been keeping up with your work since the late 90s – have been very much enjoying the Scott Sez series this past year.

Ran across this (http://rspw.org/faq/4-keithfaq.txt) while browsing (I was reading Lucy Punch's Wiki page, which noted that she was in an episode of TNT's Robin Hood. That page actually has a link to that – small world) and thought it might make an interesting topic for a Scott Sez, or just general discussion. It was nice running across it either way – haven't seen it since I was about 15 years old.



I know that's my namesake document, but there's SO much wrong with it.  It was written with the intention of finally updating and expanding the ancient (92-93 era) Frequently Asked Questions list for RSPW (thus why I'm always rspwfaq, get it?) and I went a bit overboard with the opinionizing.  My first draft was described to me as "The Wrestling World According to Scott Keith" and I toned it WAY down from that, so keep that in mind.  Plus I basically wrote it over the course of a weekend.  If I even had Wikipedia around back then I'd have done it a lot differently.