NXT – November 7, 2012

Date: November 8, 2012
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: William
Regal, Tony Luftman, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Tonight the focus of
the show is on the fourway between Mahal, Dallas, Gabriel and
McIntyre with the winner getting a shot at the NXT Title I believe
next week. However that’s not the most interesting thing we might
see tonight. More importantly: will Big E. Langston get to talk
about the number five anymore? That’s what I want to hear more than
anything else. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
the announcement of the fourway last week.
Theme song.
Kassius Ohno vs.
Trent Barreta
This is a rematch from
two weeks ago where Richie Steamboat cost Ohno the match. Trent
chops away to start and Kassius hides on the apron. Barreta tries a
sunset powerbomb to the floor but Ohno kicks him in the head to
escape. Back in and it’s a dragon sleeper by Ohno which is treated
like any other hold here. Regal says Trent enjoys pain because it
makes him feel alive. Well I guess it would.
Trent’s enziguri is
blocked and Ohno gets two off a rollup. Barreta gets the same off a
tornado DDT and Ohno is staggered. They trade elbows before Kassius
kicks Trent in the face for two. Kassius puts Trent on top, only to
be shoved off and caught by a missile dropkick. Trent loads up the
running knee but Kassius ducks to the floor. Back in and the
spinning elbow to the head gets the pin for Kassius at 6:08.
Rating: C-.
I’m not sure what it was but this didn’t work too well. The
chemistry didn’t work here as it was like they were just trading
moves while building to nothing. It wasn’t terrible or even bad but
it felt more like a collection of spots instead of a flowing match if
that makes any sense.
Post match Trent ducks
another elbow and dropkicks Ohno.
Cory Graves talks about
how his tattoos tell his story and says come and read them.
Big E. Langston vs.
Memo Montenegro
Langston starts a FIVE
chant before shoving Memo down to the mat. A big clothesline kills
Memo and the slam drop gets the pin for Langston at 1:00.
Langston does the drop
again and counts five himself to a big pop. It’s remarkable how such
a simple idea can get so over. The fans DEMAND he does it again but
they get Vickie on the screen instead. She’s issues a five thousand
dollar bounty on him and promises to laugh last. Langston is annoyed
and goes to drop Memo again, but some guy named Chad Baxter jumps
Langston. You can figure out what comes next yourselves.
Jason Jordan is in the
ring for a match but HE’S BACK!!! AND HE’S GOT A MIC! Bray Wyatt I
mean, as in the former Husky Harris who is now doing a freaky gimmick
that seems to be inspired by the villain from Cape Fear. He says
that he’s back with his wings healed, then he says something in some
other language. Wyatt talks about taking us to the top of a mountain
so we can watch everything turn to ash and then fly away. Jordan
wants to fight right now but Wyatt says he’s a monster that is never
alone. An even scarier looking guy comes to the ring to fight Jordan
for him.
??? vs. Jason Jordan
The guy who isn’t named
yet is played by former indy guy Brodie Lee, a pretty tall guy who I
think had a truck driver gimmick. Regal thinks Lee (who isn’t named
here mind you but it’s the only think I know to call him) just came
out of a swamp. He kills Jordan with HARD punches and a big
clothesline gets two. Lee misses a big boot in the corner so Jordan
goes for the knee. That goes well for about eight seconds before Lee
DESTROYS him with a Boss Man Slam for the pin at 2:18.
Wyatt says that this is
the first son of the Wyatt Family and his name is Luke Harper. This
was awesome.
Roman Reigns comes out
for an interview but says he doesn’t need Saxton for this. Reigns
says he’s sure people are doing better now that Saxton is gone and
he’s here. He says that when you’re the man like he is, all you have
to do is get up. Whether you’re with him or against him, it’s
irrelevant because everyone wants to be Roman Reigns. What he said
was fine, but he sounded scared to be talking. He’s got to work on
that for a gimmick like this.
Justin Gabriel vs.
Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
The winner gets a title
shot at some point in the future and this is under elimination rules
with no tagging. Drew and Gabriel fight in one corner while Dallas
and Mahal do so in another. The heels both get knocked to the floor
and Dallas hits a baseball slide to take McIntyre out. Gabriel dives
onto all three guys as we take a break. Back with Mahal suplexing
Dallas for two. Jinder and Drew tease a fight but instead they both
stomp on Dallas.
McIntyre kicks Mahal
down as the South African cross bodies the Scotsman who kicked the
Indian in the head after beating up the American. JR’s words, not
mine. Gabriel hits an STO on Dallas and knocks him to the floor. A
spinning sitout powerbomb puts Mahal down and there’s the 450, but
Gabriel hurt himself in the process. Drew dumps Justin to the floor
but Dallas spears McIntyre down for the elimination. He also spears
a diving Gabriel out of the air and we’re down to one on one with
Dallas vs. Mahal.
We take another break
and come back with Dallas knocking Mahal down and screaming a lot.
We head to the floor and Dallas gets sent into the steps to give
Mahal control. The title match is indeed next week. Mahal drops a
bunch of knees for two which frustrates him. A jumping knee to the
head gets the same result, as does a full nelson slam. Dallas breaks
up what appeared to be a Rock Bottom and hits a powerslam to put
Mahal down. The spear misses though and the camel clutch gives Mahal
the win at 8:26 shown of 15:26.
Rating: B-.
This was pretty entertaining and while I’m not crazy about Mahal
getting another shot, it’s only his second so it hasn’t been driven
into the ground yet. Having four guys in there was a fine idea and
they didn’t feel like they were just filling in spots, which is a
good thing. Fine main event here and it sets up something later,
which is even more important.
Post match Dallas is
put in the Clutch again but Rollins makes the save. Seth gets beaten
down too and a staredown between he and Mahal ends the show.
Overall Rating: B+.
This was an awesome show overall with the highlight being the return
of Wyatt, who might have the best gimmick in wrestling today. The
cool part about that is you can’t really put your finger on what it
is, which is what makes monsters creepy. They’re unknown, which can
be quite frightening. I’m digging NXT a lot right now as it comes
off like a full on promotion where the gimmicks don’t overlap and you
really don’t know if one person could beat another. That’s never the
case in WWE where it’s easy to tell who is going to win most matches
and feuds. Great show this week.
Ohno b. Trent Barreta – OBE
E. Langston b. Memo Montenegro – Slam Drop
Harper b. Jason Jordan – Spinning Boss Man Slam
Mahal b. Justin Gabriel, Bo Dallas and Drew McIntyre – Camel clutch
to Dallas
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