Fwd: If the Iron Sheik was just starting out…

Hi Scott. Here's a question for you and the blog:

If The Iron Sheik was a rookie today, what kind of character would he play?

Would WWE push him as an over-the-top, foreign heel, like they did in the 1980s? He certainly had the charisma for it, and tensions between Iran and America are almost as bad today.

Or would the focus be on the Sheik's background as a legit wrestler? It could be both, I guess, but I feel like he'd work a different style, depending.


Sheik would literally never make it out of developmental.  They'd say he can't talk, and he's too short to be on TV.  
If by some miracle he got to the main roster instead of going to MMA like anyone with legit cred is doing now, he'd be a comedy figure like Khali.  But I think it's more likely he'd simply have trained for MMA and never bothered with pro wrestling at all.