WWF Championship Wrestling 5/5/84

May 5, 2012
Your hosts are Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon
Pete Sanchez vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano


 Valentine kills Sanchez with forearm shots in the corner then tosses him across the ring. He beats him against the ropes then goes to work on the ribs of Sanchez. He has him up in a powerslam position but drops him throat first on the top rope. He drops the elbow a few times and gets two as Sanchez was able to put his foot on the ropes. Sanchez makes the comeback and gets a hip toss. However, Valentine regains control and tosses Sanchez to the floor. Albano puts him on the apron and Valentine slams him back into the ring. He misses a leg drop and Sanchez fights back. He gets an atomic drop but Valentine catches his leg and turns it into the figure four and Sanchez quickly submits (4:13). After the match, Albano distracts the ref as Valentine roughs up Sanhcez some more. The camera then cuts to a couple of pro-Valentine kids in the crowd, one of which is holding a sign proclaiming him to be the next Intercontinental Champion. 
Thoughts: It put Valentine over strong but it did go on a bit too long. No one was buying any of Sanchez’s comebacks.
WWF Update about Sgt. Slaughter. This was the same exact segment that aired a several weeks ago. Vince plugged the WWF Magazine at the end.
Tony Garea & SD Jones vs. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch
Murdoch starts by beating on Garea in the corner. He tags Adonis but Garea hits him and he gets stuck in the ropes. He kicks Adonis then fights off Murdoch but Adonis hits him from behind. He tosses Garea to the floor then they hit him with a double elbow after he enters the ring. They neutralize Garea, also using some illegal tactics. Adonis gets a splash for two. Garea manages a small package then SD, who had enough of the illegal double-teaming, headbutts Adonis and Gara makes the tag. The crowd is wild as SD takes care of the heels until he runs into an elbow from Murdock. The heels get a backbreaker/running elbow drop combo then Murdoch drops another elbow for the win (5:25).
Thoughts: Match wasn’t much as Garea sucks at selling. However, the crowd hated the heels and threw trash at them as they left the ring. It’s nice to see a good tag-team because the division was weak at the time.
“Cowgirl” Wendy Richter & Peggy Lee vs. Princess Victoria & Velvet McIntyre
Wendy cheapshots Victoria to start, allowing Peggy to gain the advantage. She stomps Victoria in the corner then tags out. She gets a chinlock and uses her hands to stretch out the mouth of Victoria, who breaks the hold by biting her hands. Wendy tosses her into Peggy, who gets her leg up and tags out. Backbreaker gets two. She runs Victoria’s face against the ropes then chokes her out using her foot. The heels then double-team Victoria behind the ref’s back as Velvet is getting pissed. Victora grans the middle ropes after blocking a slingshot attempt but Lee comes flying in with a splash. Victoria is taking a shit-kicking out there. She manages to roll away from Richter, who was coming off the top with a splash, and make the tag. Velvet runs wild, hitting a few dropkicks. Lee whips her against the ropes but Velvet comes back with a tilt-a-whirl into a press for the win (5:26).
Thoughts: Not a bad match as Victoria played the face-in-peril role extremely well. However, the heels dominated 90% of the match and lost at the end.
Piper’s Pit with Rocky Johnson. Rocky states he will not be insulted. Piper replies by stating how he has no other choice to be insulted as he cannot come out with any significant material then rants and raves for a while. Piper then brings out a rag and tosses at Rocky. He calls him “boy” then tells him to shine his shoes. Rocky gets up and knocks Piper out of his chair as some jobbers come out and separate the two. Fun segment that furthers the tension between Piper and Johnson.
Jose Luis Rivera vs. Paul Orndorff
Piper is not at ringside. Orndorff backs Rivera into the corner then takes him down. Enziguiri by Orndroff who then stomps away. He tosses Rivera to the floor then kicks him down from the apron a few times. Rivera goes back in and tries sunset flip but Orndorff blocks that and punches him in the face. Suplex by Orndorff then he grounds him with a front facelock. He kills Rivera with a few kneelifts then catches him with a powerslam,, pulling him up at two. Orndorff then kills him with the piledriver for the win (4:09).
Thoughts: The crowd hated Orndorff with such passion. Heels today wish they could draw the heat from the fans like Orndorff did here. I have no idea why the WWE doesn’t have someone rip off his gimmick today.
Salvatore Bellomo vs. Ron Shaw
I’m pretty sure this match was from several weeks ago. Shaw beats on Bellomo in the corner and gets a slam. He beats on him some more until Bellomo gets a backdrop. He hits a standing dropkick then Shaw begs for mercy in the corner. Bellomo applies a chinlock then works the leg. Bellomo hits Shaw with the mule kick after a leapfrog and comes back with a crossbody for the win (2:37).
Thoughts: A dull squash as Bellomo is not at all exciting, or even important for that matter.
Next week’s featured matchups include Ivan Putski vs. Tiger Chung Lee and David Schultz vs. Salvatore Bellomo.
Final Thoughts: Decent show. The Valentine and Orndorff squashes were fun and it was good to see Adonis & Murdoch. The womens tag match was decent and Piper’s Pit was fun as well.