History of ECW 5/19/1998

Taped from Queens, NY
Airdate: May 19, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles


Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the “Madhouse of Extreme.” In “an outstanding technical match-up” Justin Credible will face Jerry Lynn. Also, RVD will defend the TV title against Mikey Whipwreck. Joey promises a “change in the course of ECW history” with the first segment.
While the crowd chants “Seinfeld sucks (dick)” Joey is in the ring welcoming the hostile crowd to another edition of ECW. The crowd chants “ECW” and then Taz’s music hits. Highlights of Taz’s bone-breaking accomplishments are shown including his Taz-plex of Chris Jericho. Taz enters the ring and notifies everyone that he is the heavyweight champion of the world.
Not surprisingly but amazingly he states “everybody knows that there’s no way a <CENSORED> from Pittsburgh can beat up a man from Brooklyn.” The crowd goes wild. He goes to the corner and picks up something covered in felt. He reveals it to be “the Brooklyn World belt” or the “F--- the World belt” and calls himself the world heavyweight champion. He challenges Shane Douglas to a match belt for belt, or, according to Taz, “Brooklyn versus Pittsburgh.”
Bam Bam Bigelow comes into the ring and informs Taz that he’s “no champion.” He then reminds Taz about being put through the ring at Living Dangerously. As the crowd chants “You tapped out” Taz calls BBB a schmuck and himself a world champ. The crowd then chants “Jersey sucks (dick).” Bigelow states that the only way Taz gets to Douglas is through him. Taz lays down the belt between BBB and himself and refers to him as his first victim. Referees hit the ring to separate them, but Bigelow military presses one of them and launches him into the crowd! Very impressive! BBB and Taz then tangle as additional security tries to break them up.
“Free Mark Madden” and “Silence Vince & Eric (Enough is enough)” start the opening credits.
Joey informs us that Taz and BBB have been separated and removed from the building. Also Shane Douglas will offer comments via satellite. Joey shills the “ECW: It Ain’t Seinfeld” video.
Match 1: Justin Credible (w/ Jason and Chastity) versus “Dynamic” Jerry Lynn
Joey promotes Credible as “arguably the hottest young star in professional wrestling today.” He then refers to Lynn as “underutilized by WCW and the WWF.” Before the match starts the crowd gets all over Credible’s case. A tie-up goes to the corner with a clean break by Lynn. A second tie-up segues to an arm drag by Lynn.
They tie up a couple more times until Credible shoves Lynn across the ring. Lynn explodes with a double-leg takedown and some fists. After a headlock by Lynn a rope sequence ends with a spinning elbow by Lynn for a 2 count. Lynn gives him a cross-corner whip. Credible flips over the turnbuckle to the apron. Lynn bumps him and Credible flies into the steel railing.
As Credible attempts to re-enter the ring Lynn baseball-slides him into the front row! Lynn follows up with a somersault plancha from the apron onto Credible! The crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant. They return to ringside and Lynn makes him eat some table and rolls him back in for a 2 count. Lynn then gives him a gourd buster then mounts the top rope. He comes off with the Minneapolis Jam for another 2 count.
Lynn attempts a vertical suplex but Credible escapes and applies the Scorpion death drop. Next he takes him to the corner and chops him to many a “Woo!” from the crowd. After giving Lynn an uppercut he receives a chair from Jason. He sets it up and gives Lynn the Raven-patented drop-toehold into the chair face-first!
After Credible makes Lynn eat some turnbuckle he stomps a mud hole in him. A double-leg pick up precedes a mini-powerbomb for a 2 count on Lynn. A snapmare and a headlock put Lynn down on the mat. The crowd celebrates the rest hold by informing us that Chastity “has herpes.”  There go my Saturday night plans. They get to their feet and Lynn elbows out to break. He comes off the ropes and sunset-flips Credible for another 2 count.
Joey mentions that this show was taped simultaneously as the final episode of Seinfeld was being aired. Credible gets up and clothelines Lynn. After a scoop slam he takes a chair with him to the top rope. Although it appears he will smash the chair into the prone Lynn on the canvas Lynn lifts his leg and the chair goes into the face of Credible!
Lynn starts the comeback with a dropkick to the chair into Credible’s face again! He clotheslines Credible in the corner then bulldogs him onto the chair for another 2 count. Lynn builds momentum off the ropes, but Credible ducks. Lynn falls all the way to the floor. While Credible occupies the referee Jason whips Lynn into the steel railing then gives him a backbreaker. Instead of dropping him he rolls him back in, but Credible can only get a 2 count.
Credible follows up with a spinning DDT off the ropes. He tries to suplex Lynn, but Lynn counters with a DDT. Chastity gets on the apron to save the pin. Lynn drags Credible to the center of the ring and mounts the top turnbuckle. Jason shoves him off the top though. Credible sets up Lynn for “That’s Incredible”, but Lynn counters with a tombstone piledriver for the 3 count! What an upset! ***
Match 2: Sabu (w/ Fonzie) versus “Dastardly” Danny Doring
We return to the ring and Sabu chases everyone away. I wonder what he had for dinner that his breath was so bad. Joey notes that Wrestlepalooza ’98 was the most watched ECW PPV to date. Sabu grabs a single-leg then drops the elbow. Temporarily he holds a front chancery on Doring then follows with a slingshot sidekick.
After a couple of punches from Sabu to Doring Fonzie tosses a chair to Sabu. Violently Sabu tosses the chair into Doring’s face. Chair-assisted dropkick to a seated Doring in the corner follows. After Doring gets to his feet Sabu nails him with a couple of punches then dropkicks the knee. Next he whips Doring off the ropes and gives him a back body drop.
Doring tries to come back with an Irish whip, but Sabu dodges and dropkicks the knee. Sabu leaves the ring and bridges a table between the steel railing and the apron. Valiantly Doring tries a pescado but whiffs on his attempt. I’m almost certain that the blue mat does not taste like chocolate. He makes Doring eat the steel railing for dessert, hammers him with forearms, and then positions him on the table. As Fonzie repositions Doring Sabu gives him the triple jump splash through the table! Stick the fork in Doring. He’s cooked. After Sabu rolls Doring back in Fonzie holds a chair on top of him. Sabu then gives him the Arabian facebuster. He then hooks the camel clutch and Doring submits. ½*
Back in the WWE Studios Joey discusses Taz’s orange and black belt and refers to it as the “FTW Championship.”
Via satellite “The Franchise” Shane Douglas rebuts Taz’s comments. As an added bonus WWE Classics On Demand notifies us that Shane Douglas won the WCW World Tag Team titles with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at Clash of the Champions XXI. On top of that Douglas mocks the nWo’s schtick on Monday Nitro. He then touts the Triple Threat then states that he will return to the ECW Arena and prove to everyone why he’s the leader of the Triple Threat, “The Franchise”, and still the World champion.
Match 3: Chris Candido (w/ Francine) versus Jamie Dundee
We are joined in progress as Candido slaps the taste out of Dundee’s mouth. After he works him over in the corner he tries to cross-corner whip Wolfe. Instead Dundee counters into a half-hearted handspring maneuver which looks ridiculous. A disgusted Candido shoves him out of the corner. Some jaw-jacking leads to another shove by Candido.
Again Dundee looks silly as Joey describes his antics as “Kramer at karate class.” Candido takes his head off with a clothesline to put that awful act to bed. He whips Dundee off the ropes and dropkicks him. Next he gives Dundee a scoop slam then a leg drop from the second turnbuckle. Joey spouts family lineage as Jamie is the son of “Superstar” Bill Dundee and Candido is the grandson of Northeast legend “Popeye” Chuck Richards. He also drops another Seinfeld reference by calling Sunny “the WWF’s answer to Elaine.” Methinks Julia Louis-Dreyfus has never violated a restraining order several times within a short time span. 
Meanwhile Candido gives Dundee his patented delayed vertical suplex. Candido cross-corner whips him but Dundee leaps over him and returns to the original corner. Thinking that Dundee would fly with a high cross body attempt Candido ducks, but Dundee stays home and nails Candido with a second rope bulldog instead.
Candido returns fire with a belly-to-back suplex. He tries to give him another delayed vertical suplex, but Dundee escapes and tosses Candido over the top rope to the floor. He follows up with a plancha onto Candido. Briefly they fight at ringside until Dundee tosses Candido back in. He mounts the top rope, but Candido catches him and gives him a top rope superplex. After a bit of showboating Candido mounts the top rope and delivers the diving headbutt for the 3 count. *
Match 4 for the ECW World Television title: RVD (w/ Fonzie) versus Mikey Whipwreck
Again we’re joined in progress as RVD gives Mikey the double-underhook pancake followed by a spin kick. He whips Mikey off the ropes, drops down, and gives him a standing dropkick to the face. Mikey tries to fire back, but RVD overtakes him and gives him a standing side kick and a corkscrew legdrop. After bowing to the crowd and soaking in the applause he tosses Mikey out of the ring.
He follows him to ringside and tries to whip Mikey into the steel railing; however, Mikey counters into a side-Russian legsweep into the steel railing. He then gets back in the ring and delivers a pescado onto RVD. Next he gets up on the apron, but Fonzie holds his leg so that RVD can grab his other leg and drop him face-first to the blue mats.
After working him over at ringside RVD successfully whips Mikey into the steel railing. He crotches Mikey on the steel railing as Fonzie holds a chair in front of Mikey’s face. RVD then springboards off the opposite railing and kicks the chair into Mikey! He tosses Mikey back in and follows with a steel chair in hand.
RVD then gives Mikey the rolling monkey-flip onto the chair then delivers the ***** frog splash. He whips Mikey off the ropes, but Mikey sunset-flips him. RVD rolls through and gets Mikey up on his shoulders and pancakes him. He hooks the camel clutch, but Mikey makes it to the ropes. He crotches Mikey on the top rope then gives him a leg lariat sending Mikey to the floor! As RVD celebrates we head to commercial.
We return with a table bridged between the steel railing and the apron. RVD drops Mikey across the steel railing, mounts the apron, and gives Mikey the corkscrew legdrop. He throws Mikey back in, follows, but gets kicked in the face when trying another chair-assisted monkey-flip. Subsequently Mikey bulldogs RVD onto the chair!
Mikey sunset-flips RVD for a 2 count, gives him a drop-toehold onto the flattened chair on the mat, and then delivers a legdrop. Mikey goes to the apron to attempt a springboard maneuver, but Fonzie catches him. Instead RVD gives him the Van Daminator. Fonzie sets up Mikey on the table and RVD mimics Sabu. Speak of the sheik and he appears. Before RVD can execute the triple-jump dive Sabu grabs RVD’s leg. In lieu of RVD’s triple jump Sabu executes it instead onto Mikey.
A stunned RVD gives Sabu a chair-assisted springboard sidekick to the floor. He then gives Sabu the best pescado of the night. They must have had a sale at Manny’s Seafood Market with all of these pescadoes tonight. RVD and Sabu continue to fight at ringside until Candido interrupts them. He rolls RVD into the ring so that he and Sabu can double-team him.
Candido drops down so that Sabu can give RVD a Whisper in the Wind. Sabu then whips RVD into Candido who gives him a powerbomb. Lance Storm hits the ring and fires punches onto Candido. All four men fight as this becomes a preview for the dream partner tag match next week at the ECW Arena. The locker room supposedly empties to separate the four combatants, but Sabu and RVD hammer away again at one another to close out the show. *
Overall this episode showcased two things. First they provide us with Taz’s attempt to overtake the #1 spot in the promotion with his “FTW” title. Second they deliver a nice teaser for the upcoming tag match on the next episode. While both were well done the quality of the matches on this episode rank much lower than matches on previous episodes. In spite of that I enjoyed the Lynn-Credible match. The anticipation for next week’s show is strong, but this episode falls a little short in terms of excellent hardcore entertainment.

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