Monday Night Open Mic

Geez Scotty, you think your webpage is bad, try living in a f------ swing state. Even worse a swing county in a swing state. Never before did I hope I lived with the hayseeds in Florida but this month has tested my patience.

So screw it let’s talk some wrestling. We’re just a couple of weeks from Survivor Series and the official re-boot of the WWE before Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Sadly if not for the pending return of Rock and Brock and possibly HHH and Undertaker we’re looking at a Wrestlemania with as much fanfare as Wrestlemania XI. That won’t happened because the NY/NJ Wrestlemania isn’t going to be such a dull event and buildup.

So with that being said, how the hell do they turn things around? I mean will three months of Rock as champion before jobbing to Cena really change things? I mean the NYC crowds have never been kind to Cena and the Wrestlemania crowds are the snarkiest of the snarks so we could be looking at a near riot if he holds up the belt at the end of Wresltemania 29 with his silly smile.

Do you get the feeling that a turnaround is close? That the product is one or two small steps from a nice little rebirth? Where have they gone wrong and what’s the right path to take?

Anyway enjoy the show, come out swinging, keep it clean…live your life.