Fwd: Haters gon’ hate

Are there any current wrestlers who are at this moment in time over/doing exceptionally well in their careers who for some reason or other you just cannot get behind? I have very recently based on recommendations from this blog begun watching TNA, and I just can't stand James Storm. From the ridiculous backstory vignettes where he's on a farm feeding his horses, to his long flowing hair which seems way too straight and conditioned for someone who is meant to be this big badass, to his lame 'cowboy wrestler' gimmick complete with stupid hat, I just don't want to see this guy anywhere near a main event. Maybe he'd work better for me as a heel. Anyway, do you have any similar dislike for any wrestlers, TNA or WWE? Cheers

I quite like James Storm and always have, actually.  For me personally, I really don't like Wade Barrett, although he has good matches and a good look.  I just get an annoyed vibe when he comes out for some reason, and I don't even know why.  For TNA, without a doubt it's Mr. Anderson.  Doesn't matter if he has good or bad matches or if he's heel or face, he's like nails on a chalkboard for me.  From his overdone "assholes" thing to his "Guy that no longer gives a s--- about maintaining himself as a top star" vibe to his copied 90s moveset, he's just awful.