ROH TV 11-3-12

Road Rage action this week, as we get highlights from the
Oct. 13 PPV in Toronto.

First, here’s Truth Martini to tell us EVERYTHING IS FINE
between the House of Truth and Roderick Strong. I’m sure you can see where this
is going…
Roderick Strong vs.
TaDarius Thomas.
And sure enough, Roderick comes out in street clothes,
quits the House of Truth, and walks out. Martini brings out Rhino and cuts an
absolutely atrocious promo. So…
Rhino vs. TaDarius
Only the ending is shown as Rhino hits a belly-to-belly and sets up
for the Gore, Martini trips up Thomas before Rhino can hit it, and a second
attempt misses and Thomas throws a kick that doesn’t even make contact and gets
the La Magistral cradle to score the upset. No rating, but I’m willing to bet
the full match wasn’t too good. Rhino grabs Martini, who pulls out some cash
and begs for his life. Rhino press-slams him from the ring to guardrail (leaving
a NASTY looking bruise on Willie Wanker’s leg), takes the cash, and walks off.
Clips from the Jay Lethal/Kevin Steen world title match from
Rahway NJ a week before the PPV. Lethal’s parents are at ringside, and at one
point his father tosses his drink in Steen’s face, so Steen spits back and hits
Lethal’s mother. Lethal completely loses his mind and starts beating the s---
out of the refs, flips off Jim Cornette, and then kicks his ass backstage. And
thus ends the Cornette era in ROH. They did a good job of making this look like
a shoot (most of the fans in attendance and a lot of people online bought it),
but a phone call from Cornette confirms that it’s just an angle to explain his absence
from TV going forward.
Inside ROH: First,
an interview with Matt Hardy. While I don’t have the same hatred for Matt that
I do for his brother I’m not terribly excited about seeing him on my TV. He
puts over ROH in a sort of backhanded way and implies that he will be the
mainstream guy (“a face known around the world”) that will carry the company.
Sure, Matt… My guess is that he’ll lay down for Adam Cole and be sent on his
way, if he wrestles at all. We also get clips of Steen/Michael Elgin from the
PPV, and then the start of the angle that will main event Final Battle:
McGuiness hands Steen a box after the match, and inside is El Generico’s mask.
While Steen/Generico has been announced for Final Battle Generico has yet to
sign with ROH full time to my knowledge (he didn’t appear at the TV taping
yesterday), so I have no idea if this will be a long-running storyline or just
a one-shot deal.
Clips from the Survival of the Fittest final from last week.
Jay Lethal vs. Davey
But first, a Lethal promo. Kevin Steen and ROH can kiss his ass. Apparently
the Toronto crowd feels the same way about Jim Cornette as a lot of people on
this blog, as the crowd pops pretty hard when Lethal mentions putting Cornette
in the hospital. Crowd is solidly behind Lethal here. Outside of a surfboard
reversal sequence and a vicious bitchslap from Lethal there’s really nothing
worthy of recapping from the start of the match through the commercial break.
A springboard dropkick sends Richards to the floor as we
return, and Lethal follows him out with the Bret Hart dive through the ropes.
Both guys are up on the apron and a Lethal Injection attempt is blocked,
Richards hits a jumping enziguri but misses the running boot and this time the
Injection hits, but it wrecks Lethal as bad as it does Richards. Both guys are
back in at 10 (ROH has a 20 count) and they brawl for a bit, then Lethal gets
the Lethal Combination right into a Koji Clutch. Richards makes the ropes and
armdrags out of a Dragon Suplex attempt and gets a German suplex of his own.
Second one with the bridge gets 2 as the crowd is starting to get behind Davey.
More fighting over suplexes leads to a reverse powerbomb (been a while since I’ve
seen that move) on Richards that gets 2. Lethal goes for Hail to the King
(Macho Man elbow) but spends too much time playing to the crowd and gets caught
at the top and superplexed, Richards tries to roll it into something else but
Lethal rolls him up for 2. Richards gets the required Diamond Cutter for
tonight, kicks him in the face, and hits a brainbuster for 2. Double stomp off
the top for 2 and right into the anklelock, Lethal gets free but gets kicked in
the face for only a one count. More punchy-kicky stuff and then Richards walks
into a superkick for 2. Crowd does the “This is Awesome” chant. Lethal puts
Richards on the top rope and tries to sunset-flip-powerbomb him through a table,
Richards blocks it so Lethal just dropkicks him into it. Like last week it’s
plastic and it just bends in half instead of breaking. Ouch. He’s back in at 19
and this time Hail to the King hits for 2. Full nelson suplex for 2, Lethal
Injection misses and Richards goes back to the anklelock. A fight over various
submission holds leads to Richards going face-first into the turnbuckle and now
the Injection hits for 2. Koji Clutch and Richards passes out, giving Lethal
the win at 17:30 shown.  ***, started off
slow, got better later on but still nothing special. It’s worth noting that
Wikipedia says the full match went 24:08, so a good portion of the match didn’t
make it to TV.
Basically a throwaway show, as is usually the case with Road
Rage. Next week: the first of 5 shows from the year’s final TV taping in Pittsburgh.