Fwd: Brock Lesnar’s Return

I was recently watching the '94 Royal Rumble for no logical reason and had forgotten that Jim Cornette brought in Genichiro Tenryu and The Great Kabuki not to try and win but to try and make sure Lex Luger didn't.  And – while I've blocked as much of the '99 Rumble as possible out of my head – I'm sure the Corporation's M.O. was to eliminate Austin, not to help McMahon win. 

Since Brock Lesnar "quit" a few months ago, wouldn't a logical way to bring him back be to have Paul Heyman bring him in at the Royal Rumble just to make sure Ryback and/or other faces don't win?  I'm assuming Punk-Rock would headline the show, since a Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry title match has gotten top billing over the Rumble in the past.  Heyman protecting Punk right after Punk drops the title would look stupid.  And we all know that WWE doesn't do stupid.

This seems like it would be a sensible way bring Lesnar back – since it would be believable that he would come back for money and not the title – and set up a fresh feud with someone like Ryback.

All that said, when do you think Lesnar will come back for no logical reason and job to HHH?

They seem to be saving up his dates, so I'm thinking he'll work Rumble, Chamber and then Wrestlemania to lose to HHH.  Which, by the way, I find it mind-boggling that HHH would even care about winning or losing anymore, since he OWNS THE COMPANY.  Perhaps he'll prove us wrong again and do the job at Wrestlemania, who knows.  But at any rate, they can easily do a three-PPV "telling stories" arc with Brock entering the Rumble and HHH running in to cost him that, then Brock costing HHH the Chamber win, and then finally their blowoff at Wrestlemania.  Easy peasy.