Attiude Reunion

A lot of talk recently regarding the titles and how they've become a bit of a joke (outside of the WWE title and Punks current run). Given the focus on the "Attitude Era" in the recent WWE13 game, and the logical assumption that Rock is going to be facing Cena or Punk for the title pretty shortly. What would be the chances on an "Attitude Era" reunion concept at Wrestlemania. Giving the major Stars (Like Austin, Taker, Rock and even HHH) of that era title shots, elevating today's current stars and the title simultaneously? My concept would be you'd have an Undertaking facing the holder of the IC title, could possibly be Ryback by that stage perhaps? Or a Punk/Austin match for the IC belt… maybe throw some money at the Hardy's and get them to re-team for the tag titles too? Even a US title match for a Ziggler facing HHH – pretty much anything to make the belts seem more important by using the best of the Attitude Era vs. The best of the current crop in a few matches. Even if they're not all "Title" matches, there's enough existing stars to have an Attitude vs. "PG" era Wrestlemania that could be a nice theme for the event to really make it special.

They already have the problem of their nostalgia acts making their "big stars" look like a bunch of indy geeks, and this would only hammer the point home.  Probably make a bunch of money for that one show, though.