RoH. What Happened?

I was a big RoH fan in its big 2004-2006 run.  Like many, I dropped out of the wrestling scene around mid 2007, and only recently came back.  I've followed the basic timeline of events but the RoH now is virtually unrecognizable from what I remember.  Is there a single moment or lethal combination of events that led to its current state?

Well all their talent getting signed away by TNA and/or WWE certainly didn't help them any.  Plus basically running out of money and getting kicked off HDNet was also a bit of a setback.  The internet PPV debacles were pretty bad, though.  I wouldn't say the product is BAD or anything, it's just not something I personally would want to pay money to watch, even with the nearly-guaranteed great matches.  Maybe if they had more promos about the Briscoes shooting chickens and less generic indy guys they'd be able to get people more invested in the product, I dunno.