Hell No…what the Hell next?


Since they are getting the biggest reactions on the show, where would you go next with these guys?  Usually when the mismatched partner thing is done, it's building to a main event program, with guys who are already at the top of the card.  This one seems unique in that they are both squarely in the upper mid-card, and we've already seen them fight the world champions, and we've seen them fight each other.  To me, the logical thing is to build them up big over the next 6 months(since neither of them will be in the top 3 matches of Mania anyway) as the biggest face tag team in a long time.  They are one angle away from being huge fan favorites(one saves the other from something horrible(AJ, an attack, fire, etc…) and they then appreciate other with the crowd going nuts as they say "We're the tag team champions."  Also, how great has D-Bry's run been that he got himself, a catchphrase, a GM, an actor acting as a therapist, and a stale mid-card act over?

D-Bry is pretty great.  And yeah, the story progression is a pretty easy one here.  Their fussin and feudin with each other leads them to lose the tag belts to Rhodes Scholars, they go their own way and discover that it's tough getting into fights without backup, something bad happens to Bryan and Kane makes the save, they win the belts back and declare "we are the tag team champions".  Of course then the problem with wrestling in general sets in, as you can't just have them ride off into the sunset and they have to drop the belts again and do other stuff.