Blog question about DVDs

Out of all the wwe DVD releases which would you say was the best in terms of the documentary and teaching you some things about the subject you didn't know before?

On the same note what was the worst? Or at least the most disappointing.
Honestly, I tend to only half-watch the documentaries because they're generally such a cookie cutter production anyway.  Childhood life, talking heads, Steve Lombardi, stuff that happened within the past two years, blah blah blah.  I can hardly even remember any of them, except for the World Class one, which was spectacular in a lot of ways that WWE DVD sets usually aren't.  
Worst was probably the Warrior disc, which could have been an interesting examination of the guy and of course was turned into a gigantic hatchet job instead.  Like him or not, Warrior was a huge part of the childhood of a lot of current fans.