Blog question

Hey scott I love your blogs and books. I was wondering what is the point is getting counted out anymore? All I ever see anymore is 1 wrestler just walking out on a match. It used to mean something as I have went back and watched matches that are countout wins and the fans pop at the reaction. Now it seems like it doesn't even matter. Should wrestling companies even have a countout victories?

Yes, but it should be a longer count like in Japan.  If it was expanded to a 20 count, it would more realistically give the guys time to do their brawling or walkout teases or whatever and still let them get back into the ring again.  The walkout finish has been done to DEATH on RAW as of late and that's part of the problem.  It used to be a fairly effective tool for showing that someone was too incapacitated to get back into the ring, giving the heel a victory without actually "winning" (ie, The Genius over Hulk Hogan), but now it's just "Well, this heel is a coward and we're too lazy to book a real finish."  When Honky Tonk did it, it worked, because he WAS a huge coward and people wanted to see him in a cage match so he couldn't escape.  That's called logical booking.  Now, guys walk out all the time and no babyface ever stops to say "Next week I want a lumberjack match so you can't get away, asshole!"  Instead we get two lumberjack matches booked in the same week with no backstory, because the GM wants to impress the Board of Directors.