The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume I

Hi Scott,

Please allow me to introduce myself; my names is James Dixon, an independent author from the UK, focusing on my passion: wrestling. As a longtime reader and fan of yours, you have been something of an inspiration to me as I began writing, so thanks for that.

I just wanted to inform you of my latest book; The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume I. The series is a full detailed and in depth guide to every WWF release since the first Coliseum tape in 1985. This particular volume covers the 80s and features around 80 tapes. The book is part of a larger series, and many other volumes are due every 4-6 months thereafter (with Volume 2 coming a little sooner). Each book contains 300+ pages, around 50 exclusive pieces of cartoon style artwork, and a whole host of other awesome and interesting stuff.

Here is a link to the book:;jsessionid=949057D9771A49C68C3F48806F4516EA

I would really appreciate a plug if possible. The work I feel speaks for itself, but generating interest and increasing awareness in a cliquey community is the hard part.

Many thanks


No problem.  Hopefully this does well for you!