Simple Question

Hi Scott-

  Where does the phrase “let’s wait and see what happens / where it goes” come from?   I’ve seen it a lot lately.  Did I miss a quote from Vince or something?   Brian   No, the quote from Vince was "We're telling stories."  The "let it play out and see where it goes" thing was kind of the overwhelming battle cry of the "anti-smarks" on my blog and others, in response to everyone complaining about how things didn't pay off the way they wanted.  Specifically, it was in reference to the CM Punk v. Kevin Nash feud going on after Summerslam 2011, which everyone assumed was headed towards an endgame that made sense.  And of course, it did not.  But people continually dismissing criticisms of the whole stupid thing with "Well, just let it play out and see where it goes before you make any judgments!" got to be kind of a meme.