NXT – October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
William Regal, Tony Luftman
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Halloween and we’re coming off a pretty good show last week. I’m
hoping to see more of that Bronson guy as his debut last week
impressed me. Other than that I’m hoping we don’t see more of Slater
vs. Rollins as the match last week wasn’t anything interesting. We
should be getting close to the time when Bray Wyatt comes back too.
Let’s get to it.

vs. Johnny Curtis/Michael McGillicutty
a different ring announcer this week who doesn’t sound very confident
in her abilities. I don’t know why the Usos can’t get on the main
shows. They’ve got experience and a decent enough gimmick, so why
can’t they get a spot? Curtis seems to want to pose instead of get
ready and McGillicutty is getting annoyed at him before the bell.
McGillicutty and Jey start things off with Jey no selling a smash
into the buckle. It’s nice to see some stereotypes being followed in
modern times.
to Curtis who starts dancing. Jey punches him in the face and brings
in Jimmy to work on the arm. McGillicutty breaks up an O’Connor Roll
before yelling at Curtis some more about messing around. Off to
Curtis for a double clothesline to the back of Jimmy’s head which
gets two. It might have been three if Johnny wasn’t gyrating while
covering. Back to McGillicutty who whips Jimmy into the corner but
misses a splash. There’s the hot tag to Jey who cleans house and
hits a Bubba Bomb on Michael, followed by a Samoan Drop. Jimmy
finishes McGillicutty with a Superfly Splash at 4:17.
C-. I like three of the people
in this match and I like that they’re trying something with Curtis,
but the guy just isn’t that good or interesting at all. I’ve heard
they’re giving him a new gimmick on the main shows which at least
shows that they’re trying, but I’m not a fan of the guy at all.
the Usos are celebrating, Ascension appears near the top of the arena
for a staredown.
Woods vs. Leo Kruger
might remember Woods as Consequences Creed from TNA. Apparently he
and Regal are both big fans of funk music and they trade 8-tracks.
Woods takes over with a headlock but Kruger counters with a
backbreaker. Kruger pounds on the back for a bit and gets two off a
to a bearhug and Woods is in trouble. Woods starts pounding out of
it so Kruger belly to belly suplexes him down. Xavier finally
escapes and gets in some shots to the head followed by a clothesline
(the new commentator calls it an explosive athletic move. He doesn’t
know many move names but he’s good at the delivery). Woods misses a
missile dropkick and Kruger hits that spinning face first mat slam of
his for the pin at 4:00.
D+. This was just a step above
a squash which is ok. One of the major advantages NXT has over WWE
at this point is that they can throw out new guys like Woods all the
time who know what they’re doing and can do jobs like this one. It’s
much better than how WWE has big names facing big names all the time
and one has to lose or we get a screwy finish. They’ve got something
decent with Kruger but he needs to do something instead of constantly
squashing people.
on Big E. Langston.
is in the arena and Saxton asks him about the five count. Langston
talks about how much he loves the number five. He has five fingers
on each hand and five toes on each foot. People also have a high and
low five…..and here’s Vickie. Dang I was wanting to see where he
was going with that. No seriously, how much further could he go with
Vickie says she’s here to recruit and someone has caught her eye.
She offers her services to Vickie. Fans: “JUST SAY NO!”
Langston says he has what she needs and throws powder on her. This
was bizarre, primarily due to Langston’s voice. He has an odd
speaking pattern where he sounds like he’s trailing off and then gets
a burst of energy before going back down again.
Jinder Mahal with something to say. He says he’s the modern day
maharajah but doesn’t have his crown jewel. Being a champion is his
birthright and it’s also his right to have a rematch with Seth
Rollins. Mahal demands Dusty Rhodes come out and present him with
his rematch.
he gets Justin Gabriel who says that Jinder should get in the back of
the line. Mahal says that Justin lost in the first round, so Justin
polls the audience. After the fans pick Gabriel, here’s Drew
McIntyre who says it’s reality check time. He says it should be his
shot because he’s the only person that has a victory over Seth
Rollins. Now here’s Bo Dallas who says all of these guys have had
their shot at Rollins, so it’s time to give someone new a chance.
Dusty comes out and says it’ll be a fourway next week with the winner
getting the shot.
Reigns vs. CJ Parker
used to be Leakee in FCW. He’s a member of the Anoa’i family and is
the son of Sika and the brother of Rosey. The announcers pound in
the fact that Reigns has the IT factor and that we’ll be talking
about this debut for years to come. Reigns catches Parker’s
crossbody and pounds on the arm and shoulder. A DDT on the arm puts
Parker down and Reigns cranks away on it some more. Parker fires
away some elbows to escape but a side kick misses and Reigns slugs
him down again.
belly to back suplex by Reigns is countered into a cross body by
Parker for two. Parker hits some knees in the corner but gets caught
by a flying forearm. Reigns kind of roars and hits a belly to back
slam for the pin at 3:43. Think Cena’s Protoplex (the spinning slam
he sets up the Shuffle with) but instead of spinning the other guy
around, Reigns drives the down with his hand.
D+. The commentary is over the
top but Reigns looked fine here. He’s got a good look and a good
physique and his in ring abilities were fine. The match was just a
squash though with Parker getting in a few shots here and there.
Much like everyone else, it’s too early to say what Reigns has
without giving him a more serious challenge.
Title: Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro
is defending. They immediately head to the mat with Cesaro holding a
front facelock to control. He switches over to a test of strength
grip but Kidd bridges off the mat. Cesaro jumps on him to break the
bridge, but Kidd bridges up with Cesaro on top of him. Kidd grabs a
rollup for two and what looks like a heel hook for a bit but Cesaro
makes the rope.
grabs another pair of rollups for two each and they trade near falls
in a very good pinfall reversal sequence, ending with Kidd holding an
armbar as we take a break. Back with Cesaro putting on a bearhug as
Kidd is in trouble. Kidd fights out of it and backdrops his way out
of the Neutralizer before hitting a low dropkick to put the champ
down. Kidd starts firing off kicks before hitting a slingshot
reverse rollup for two.
sends him back to the apron where Kidd hits an enziguri and a
slingshot rana for two. A legdrop to the back of Cesaro’s head puts
the champion on the floor. Kidd hits a kick from the apron and a
springboard elbow back inside for two more. Tyson tries for the
Sharpshooter but Cesaro kicks him away. The uppercut hits Kidd and
the Neutralizer gets the pin at 7:10 shown of 10:40.
B-. This is what guys like
Cesaro and Kidd, as in guys not trained by FCW, are great at: having
flashy matches that aren’t like the same style that you so often get
in WWE anymore. Cesaro is definitely a great overall package and
Kidd has more than enough skill to get over his size limitations.
Good match here and I’d like to see more of Kidd on WWE TV.
celebrates and JR plugs the fourway next week to end the show.
B-. NXT is starting to
click again as they’re back to having solid wrestling throughout the
show and pretty much no time being wasted. We’re also moving towards
the next challenger for the title which is treated as a big deal,
which it should be. NXT continues to be a solid wrestling show and
pretty easily the best one going today.
b. Michael McGillicutty/Johnny Curtis – Superfly Splash to
Kruger b. Xavier Woods – Spinning Face First Mat Slam
Reigns b. CJ Parker – Belly to Back Mat Slam
Cesaro b. Tyson Kidd – Neutralizer
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