Monday Night Open Mic

Ahh another episode of RAW. I wonder how many consecutive shows this is now? I can’t remember the final year they were pushed aside for the dog show. Had to have been during the first USA contract.

Much love to my people on the East Coast dealing with Hurricane Sandy. People here in Florida tend to mock those “overreacting” to this storm without thinking that most things here in Florida from houses to highrises are built to withstand moderate hurricane force winds. What really fucks things up is the flooding. Even the most minor of tropical systems can be a bitch if they move slow and dump a ton of rain in one place.

Family is good. Poor kid was struggling with the broken rib because it hurt to breathe but he couldn’t move around to make it easier because of the body spasms. However, pain killers still work.

Hmmm what else. I’ve heard different things about Hell in the Cell? Seems like either it was better than expected or as bad as expected. Naturally it appears that the answer is to push the Miz more. Hopefully either he or Ziggler will turn soon enough because that’s where I think any push can be maximized. Pushing Miz as CM Punk’s heel equal will just further expose how limited he is. Pushing him as a Blanchard to Punk’s Flair has more potential but someone has to eventually take the fall…and it usually wasn’t Flair. Hell a Dangerous Alliance 2K12 with Punk, Ziggler, Miz and Brock (in a recurring bully role) wouldn’t suck but there isn’t a Sting, Steamboat, Windham…etc. etc to really counter them. Cena can’t run thru them all can he??? Ummm enjoy the show and come out swinging but try to keep it clean.